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A good CRM system is more than data storage – it will give you insight into your client base, help track your profits, automate those boring, repetitive tasks, and improve your customer service. So what can you expect from a free CRM system? With Agile CRM, you can expect a lot. We strive to offer you the best free CRM on the web (up to 10 users).


Stay On Track

Our sales tools let you keep track of your contacts all in one place, whether they’re leads, contacts, organizations, partners, vendors or suppliers. This means if a change is made by your sales department, it’s immediately visible to someone in accounting. The software is easy to use and customizable, so you can track the data that’s important to your business.

1,000 Contacts & Companies
No matter your industry, easily keep track of all important account data at both the company and individual contact level. Our free CRM provides easy access to your contacts, communications, and shared documents.

Custom Data Fields
Whether you need to count cows or name airplanes, our customizable data fields allow you to capture information that’s specific to your customers and business.

Sharing is Caring

No matter how many tasks you schedule or documents you share, there’s always more room with the best free CRM.

Unlimited Deals, Tasks & Documents
Centralize your document storage for convenience and security. Sales efficiency is greatly increased when your team can access company literature, contracts, and forms instantly from anywhere in the world. Our document management software allows you to share any type of file easily and safely Use Task Management for to-do lists, to log notes and phone calls, and set up email reminders.

Appointment Scheduling
Share your calendar online to allow customers to schedule their own appointments with you. Save time and avoid miscommunications.

Interact With Known Users

Get a Bird’s-eye View

Get an overview of your entire sales pipeline and know where every deal and customer relationship stands. For every contact, view everything from email history and meetings to projects and purchases. Only the best free CRM will track your customer interactions automatically and tell you which leads are the hottest.

Custom Deal Milestones
Create customized deal milestones to ensure more effective CRM messaging. Get a view of where each customer is in the sales cycle, and further sort by different products/services or verticals/sales processes.

Custom Deal Tracks
Create multiple, customized deal tracks to ensure the ideal process for your different products or services , verticals or sales processes.

Save Time

Your sales force will be more organized, spend less time on manual data entry and will have access to all customer information and interactions. Use the best free CRM on the web to turn leads into long-term customer relationships.

Lead Scoring
Focus your efforts where they’ll be most profitable by ranking your leads against a scale. This ensures that sales reps can prioritize and pursue the hottest leads.

Email Tracking
Empower your salesforce! Tracking which emails have been opened and what links have been clicked will reveal the “hot” leads your sales reps should be pursuing.


Keep Talking

Keeping the lines of communication open is essential to keeping your leads, contacts, organizations, partners, vendors and suppliers happy.

2-Way Email Integration
Send out emails and have your customers’ responses logged automatically.

2-Way Telephony
Only the best free CRM allows you to make outbound calls and receive inbound calls from your customers within the system, to ensure complete visibility of all communications.

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FREE for 10 Users. No credit card required.