Salesforce Alternative - How is Agile Better?

Amidst all salesforce alternatives Agile CRM provides Robust marketing automation, web engagement, payments and reports

Comparison with Salesforce

Salesforce was great back in the day, but things have changed. Agile CRM offers more powerful features for modern entrepreneurs. Give Agile a try and find out why we're quickly becoming the leading Salesforce alternative for small businesses!

Let's compare Salesforce and Agile in each segment to see how they perform.

Salesforce Agile

CRM Features

Marketing Automation

More advanced

Timeline for Setup

Many days Few hours

Ease of Access

Moderate to hard Simple


Agile facilitates mass emailing with advanced email and link personalization, and Agile helps you assess your campaigns' appeal and performance with A/B testing.

Both Agile and Salesforce provide a wide range of templates to suit specific business needs and campaigns. However, amidst all Salesforce alternatives, Agile provides with advanced email personalization with conditional logic.

Salesforce Agile

Email Templates & Themes

Email Personalization

Advanced with conditional logic

A/B Testing


Link Personalization


Marketing Automation

Amongst all Salesforce alternatives, Agile stands out rock solid in marketing automation in the CRM world. It offers exhaustive features, from the traditional to the cutting-edge, to suit all the marketing needs of modern businesses. Agile's flagship features like its drag-and-drop campaign building tool, multi-step campaigning and automatic campaign triggering, offer powerful automation and ease in building and tracking complex campaigns.

Compared with Agile CRM, Salesforce offers limited and less powerful marketing automation.

Salesforce Agile

Auto Responders


Multi-step Campaigns


Drag-Drop Campaign Workflow


Automated Lead Scoring

Life-cycle & Drip Marketing


Behavior-Based Segmentation


Automatic Campaign Triggering


Web Engagement

Web-engage your visitors with personalised pop-ups based on rules set in Agile. Agile lets you position & time your pop-ups, set advanced rules to engage visitors and contacts, and do much, much more.

Salesforce Agile

Personalized Pop-ups


Form Pop-ups


Timed Pop-ups
(Exit Intent, End of Page, Specific Time)


Analytics & Alerts

Act on your leads when they are hottest! Get real-time notifications when your contacts view your emails or browse your website. Become aware of key signals based on pre-set conditions.

Salesforce provides for email tracking only in its high-end enterprise versions, while our Salesforce alternative offers email tracking in every version, including free accounts.

Salesforce Agile

Email Tracking

Email Open Notifications


Page View Notifications


Web Visitor Tracking


Salesforce offers webservice API while Agile offers its API in REST and multiple other languages. Agile's extensive front-end & back-end API gives complete control to users over their privy data.

Salesforce Agile


Web services REST, PHP, Javascript, Java, .Net


Agile's totally free telephony integration lets you integrate seamlessly with VoIP and Twilio accounts. You can call, receive, record & analyze calls directly from the CRM, and even build custom widgets for yourself with Agile's open API.

Both Agile and Salesforce provide for email synchronization with the CRM.

Salesforce Agile

VoIP Integration


Web Forms

- Wufoo, Unbounce, Gravity Forms

Email Sync

Google Apps Google Apps, IMAP

Custom Widgets



Agile caters to both invoice and subscription-based payments using the well-known third party plugins such as FreshBooks (for invoicing) and Stripe (for subscription-based payments). And Agile CRM is constantly adding new and improved integrations.

Salesforce doesn't provide for making payments.

Salesforce Agile

Billing / Invoicing

- Through Integrations

Subscription Payments

- Through Integrations


Agile CRM makes it easy to canvass campaign success and business performance using advanced growth and cohort analysis. Plus, you can keep tabs on your conversion rate with funnel reports in Agile.

Both Salesforce and Agile come up with periodic email reports that measure key parameters.

Salesforce Agile

Periodic Email Reports

Graphical Reports

Growth Analysis


Funnel Reports

Cohort Analysis


Agile CRM is an exciting and powerful system. The capability to create complex workflows is immensely useful and easy - simply a matter of drag and drop.

Ron Kaplan

Sales and Business Development - Espresso Logic

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