Marketo Alternative - How Agile is Better?

Smart analytics, extensive integrations, best-in-class marketing automation

Comparison with Marketo

Marketo was useful to enterprises up until now, but modern businesses demand full marketing automation functionality and tools for customer engagment. Every Agile CRM account includes advanced marketing automation, dynamic lead management and intelligent analytics to cater to contemporary marketing demands.

Let's compare Marketo and Agile in each segment to see how they perform.

Marketo Agile

CRM Features


Marketing Automation

Pricing & Plans

Plans start from $25 + setup fee Plans start from $9.99 + No setup fee

Timeline for Setup

At least 1 Month Few hours


While both Marketo and Agile CRM offer robust emailing, Agile includes link personalization, which means better data for you and your team. Agile CRM's HTML editor includes a wide range of pre-designed email templates and makes it easy to build your own custom templates. Agile also lets you import all forms of media into emails and templates. Because of this, Agile CRM is the best among all potential Marketo alternatives to fulfil the needs of many SMBs and SMEs.

Marketo Agile

Email Templates & Themes

Email Personalization

More advanced with conditional logic

A/B Testing

Much more simplified

Link Personalization


Marketing Automation

Agile CRM provides for extensive marketing automation with wide-ranging features that offer modern businesses best-in-class automation. Agile's marketing automation features include auto responders, multi-step campaigns, and a powerful drag-and-drop campaign building tool.

Marketo provides automated lead scoring & automated campaign triggering only in high-end enterprise versions, and it lacks many other features that are included with every Agile account. Because of this, Agile has become the most sought-after Marketo alternative for small businesses.

Marketo Agile

Auto Responders


Multi-step Campaigns


Drag-drop Campaign Workflow


Automated Lead Scoring

Life-cycle & Drip Marketing


Behavior-based Segmentation

Automatic Campaign Triggering

Web Engagement

Agile comes up with personalised, timed pop-ups to make more out of your web traffic by showing accurate information. Agile increases conversions with visually appealing, perfectly timed web pop-ups based on user behavior.

Marketo doesn't provide for web visitor engagement through pop-ups!

Marketo Agile

Personalized Pop-ups


Form Pop-ups

Timed Pop-ups
(Exit Intent, End of Page, Specific Time)


Analytics & Alerts

Track your campaigns' performance with Agile CRM's advanced email and link tracking options. They help you to understand prospective customers and automate the campaign workflow. Page view notifications & web visitor tracking help you understand your leads' interests, and Agile lets you know when your leads are hottest!

Marketo doesn't provide for email tracking or page notifications, again testifying to the fact that Agile CRM is a competitive Marketo alternative for SMBs and SMEs.

Marketo Agile

Email Tracking


Email Open Notifications


Page View Notifications


Web Visitor Tracking


Marketo offers its API in SOAP and REST while Agile provides its API in REST and multiple other languages. Agile's extensive front-end & back-end API in REST, Javascript, Java, .Net and PHP gives complete control to users over their data.

Marketo Agile


REST, SOAP REST, PHP, Javascript, Java, .Net


Call, receive, record and analyse your calls directly from the CRM using Agile's VoIP and Twilio calling integrations. Also, build your own custom widgets using Agile's API. Agile CRM offers free 2-way email synchronization with Google Apps and IMAP.

Marketo doesn't provide for email synchronization or web forms. This is what makes Marketo alternatives like Agile CRM a worthy tool to explore with a range of extensive features, rather than using a limited set of functionalities.

Marketo Agile

VoIP Integration


Web Forms

- Wufoo, Unbounce, Gravity Forms

Email Sync

- Google Apps, IMAP

Custom Widgets



Agile CRM supports both invoicing and subscripton-based payments using third-party plugins like FreshBooks for invoicing and Stripe for subscription-based payments. Plus, we are constantly adding more integrations to support payments in Agile.

Marketo doesn't offer options for businesses to take or receive payments.

Marketo Agile

Billing / Invoicing

- Through Integrations

Subscription Payments

- Through Integrations


Find out how your leads are performing - and why they are performing that way - using Agile CRM's insightful funnel and cohort analysis. Know the details of every campaign's success and performance over time with Agile's slick email and growth reports.

Marketo caters only to email and growth reports. Thus it is now the time to move on to more powerful Marketo alternatives and the best of the entire list being Agile CRM.

Marketo Agile

Periodic Email Reports

Graphical Reports

Growth Analysis

Funnel Reports


Cohort Analysis



I've seen and used dozens of CRMs. This one may change the market upside down. Absolutely great, easy-to-use and powerful.

Nicolas Woirhaye

Co-founder, IKO System

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