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All-in-One CRM

Automate your sales, marketing, and service in one platform. Avoid data leaks and enable consistent messaging.



Make the most of Agile's modern features & integrations, easy implementation and great support at an affordable price.



Cloud based SaaS service that is mobile-ready, fast, and simple to use.

All-in-One CRM

Supercharge your sales, marketing, and service​


Enable your business to provide customer experience that’s more personalized


Improve customer relations by querying and analyzing their feedback

Knowledge Base

Enabling a self-service portal to help customers help themselves


Powerful ticketing feature to resolve customer queries quickly

Smart Views

Assign conditions to prioritize tickets and view them on the dashboard

Canned Responses

Pre-formatted replies to ensure fast and consistent responses to common questions.

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19 Sep 2017

Why You Need to Automate Your Sales Process… Today!

If you’re still leaving sales funnel management up to your salespeople’s best guesses, you’re leaving a huge amount of money on the table....

19 Sep 2017

Why You Need to Automate Your Sales Process… Today!

If you’re still leaving sales funnel management up to your salespeople’s best guesses, you’re leaving a huge amount of money on the table....

14 Sep 2017

5 Ways to Find Leads for Your Small Business

Small business owners are always looking for ways to place their businesses on the map....

12 Sep 2017

Customer service essentials for SaaS businesses

We believe that to compete in SaaS today and for the future, you have to create an organization that can make a product customers are always in love with, that also gets high retention from them....

11 Sep 2017

Legal and Case Intake Automation – 4 Effective Ways With Agile CRM

It all started with our CEO, Mr. Manohar, prodding us to talk to the customers for feedback. I took an initiative by calling one of our customers who just started using our most recent addition to the set of amazing features- RingCentral Telephony widget....

31 Aug 2017

Cold Calling Tips For The 21st Century Marketer

Well, of course calling up strangers to introduce them to your business, and subsequently try to sell them a couple of products is a difficult task...

29 Aug 2017

E-Signature or Electronic Signing of Documents now part of Agile CRM

One of the last hurdles in the new digital economy has been the use of Electronic Signature or E-Signatures so that business can be conducted remotely with trust...

24 Aug 2017

Why should you integrate G Suite/Google Apps with your CRM?

Chances are, your business is using CRM, some version of document creation, and shared online storage...

22 Aug 2017

Organise your Emails with Inbox in Agile CRM

Every sales person’s day starts with checking their inbox from an Email application and then responding to these messages in their CRM...

17 Aug 2017

5 Benefits of a Single-Platform Marketing Automation Solution

The old world of channel-specific marketing is long-gone. Today’s hyper-connected customers move fluidly from one screen to the next and they expect consistent experiences no matter where or when they happen to interact with your brand...

29 June 2017

Tips for Improving Your Lead Prospecting

While sales professionals may feel they wear a lot of hats these days – and in small businesses, they probably do – the primary job is lead prospecting to fill the sales pipeline...

27 June 2017

How eDocs & CPQ can make your Sales Process more Efficient?

PQ or Configure Price Quote is a sales process that helps companies generate accurate quotes, set prices of configured goods, and quote accurate prices to customers...

23 June 2017

What Does the Future of the SaaS Industry Look Like?

Several years ago, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry was growing like wildfire. Yet, analysts noted that its stability was in question...

21 June 2017

SMS Marketing with Twilio and Agile CRM

Email is a great and inexpensive vehicle for marketing, and social media ads also do the trick. But nothing comes close to the open rates of SMS marketing, also known as text message marketing...

19 June 2017

Top WordPress Plugins for 2017

Does your company use WordPress for its website? If so, you’re hardly alone. The PHP-based open source content management system is the foundation for about 60 million websites worldwide...

02 Product Updates in SEP

Sep 12, 2017 ( Version: 51.0)
  • Added multi checkbox custom field in merge field option.
  • Added a new report for Knowledge base data count for articles, sections and categories.
  • Added 2 more chat themes which can be selected by Paid Customers.
  • Service related Nodes are moved to the front in Service >> Automations for ease of selection.
  • URL’s or Email ID’s in the chat messages will now show as Hyperlinks at the agent side.
  • Share campaign will work for Alias domains.
  • Added company name and fixed mergefield for personal emails and campaigns.
  • Event will trigger when new contact is added to existing event.
  • Added created time for Forms.
  • Added Export option in Agent Chat Performance Report.
  • Infusion Soft Data Sync.
  • Added new Tabular Report for Avg Chat First Response Time.
  • moved from Landing page settings to Knowledge Base settings page.
  • Now we have a clone option to create copy of specific filter.
  • Trash count is separated for contacts and companies.
  • Attachment feature for the live chat- Now Agent & End user will be able to upload files for their chat.
  • Feedback for Live Chat- Now User will be able to submit their feedback for each chat.
  • Added new report which shows the Average First Response Time - Live Chat.
  • Added new report named "Chat Feedback Report"-- Live chat.
  • Added Event date merge fileds for campaigns - {{event.start_date}},{{event.end_date}}.
  • Added Ringcentral Call Campaign Trigger.
  • Added the option for selecting Probability in "Update Deal" Node.
  • ZenDesk new version update.
  • Twilio set the timeout before an unanswered call get's redirected to voicemail.
  • Added activity reports for Email Templates,Videos,Forms,Landing Pages and Web Rules.
  • Added future years for Date Field of the Form.
  • Transfer of Tickets when merging Duplicate Contacts.
  • Added Automations for Sales & Service and status contact filter, along with the Sales & Service automation reports.
  • Now we are showing related contacts’ emails addresses under Mail tab of companies
  • New report named "Ticket Source" is added, which shows the tickets count from various sources
  • Now we have Add/Remove columns for deals
  • EDocs icon changes & other small UI changes
  • Ability to customize the text of the "Open document" button
  • Now attach notes with ‘Evernote Integration’
  • GoogleSync ‘Contact's Data’ for marketing
  • Now we can 'Compose' and 'Receive' email's from Agile Dashboard
  • Now we have reordering of ‘Columns’ for contacts and companies


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