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Top 5 SaaS-based Invoice Software

Gone are those days when you used to prepare invoices and manage accounts manually. It is time consuming especially when you have to manage accounts and bills for a business on a daily basis. That’s the reason you can never stop being grateful to online software services who automate invoices and bill payments.

Automating accounting is easier and fun because all your data can be imported and exported seamlessly, without any leaks. But how will you know which software service is best suited for your business?

Well, here are our top 5 SaaS-based invoice software.



If you are looking for easy and fast management of bills and accounts, no option is better than Freshbooks. It is the top invoice software in the market and provides exceptional services to many clients. Its USP remains ease of use, secure platform and simple management.

Using Freshbooks, you can easily create invoices that have the professional look and feel, and these can be sent via an email or as a downloadable PDF file. You can also track and manage bills and accounts that are generated on a recurring basis plus track your expense reports. Freshbooks also provides bill payment services right from the invoice stage and offers mobile access.

This online invoice platform can be your option because it provides a massive 30-day free trial period. You can later choose to switch to premium plans based on your budget limit. And, yes this service can be integrated with your CRM to help you manage your business better.


Another quick way to manage your bills and invoices and at the same time, track your accounts and finances, is through Quickbooks. This online accounting software is also one of the top billing and invoice software. Its USP is that you can easily access your accounts anytime, from anywhere.

Quickbooks provides easy creation of invoices, quick payments and fast mobile access. This online billing and invoice platform offers instant insights on your current finances from balance sheets to tax details, from cash flow to revenue. It allows multi user login and accountant login, plus online bank integration.

This is another best-suited option for your business as it also offers free trial and later you can switch to the paid package. You can also integrate Quickbooks with your CRM.




Now you can have a real-time view of your accounts, cash flow and billing with this easy mobile viewing invoice software – Xero. This accounting software allows you to create invoices and purchase orders that look professional and help you to pay bills easily.

Xero provides ease in bookkeeping so that you can glance through your finances anytime. With the help of this accounting tool, you can swiftly manage and track your purchases and sales, keep a complete record of your accounts and attach any other source documents with saved data.

This accounting and bookkeeping software can be the right option for your SMB as it offers seamless viewing on any device (mobile or desktop). Another attraction of this software is that it also provides a 30-day free trial.


This is another option for ease in bill payments and track transactions. Stripe allows you to pay and get paid easily with its easy-to-use interface and integration. It can be integrated with any business to accept and manage payments online. It automatically prepares invoice for all the bills that require payments and closes those invoices once the payment is made. It provides single click payments by allowing users to store card details and is optimized for cross-device payments.

Stripe can be a good option for your business if you require having seamless bill payments and monitoring every transaction. Its pricing is simple with no setup or monthly fees and you can also track fee reporting real-time.




Here is your chance to have ease in processing of recurring bill management and more with Chargify. This online billing and payment gateway tool provides simple signup process for easy billing, processing, payment and receipt management.

With Chargify, you can automate recurring invoices on a daily basis, send receipts or payment statement directly and manage varied plans easily. This tool automates invoice creation even when there is a change in paying plan. So if there is a downgrade or an upgrade or an add-on feature, it makes the changes accordingly and send the revised bill based on these changes. This tool is very accurate and tallies every bill according to the recent plan alterations (if any).

Chargify is another good option you can use for your business as they provide trails packages (paid and non-paid). Apart from this, their billing options are vast and very descriptive. So you can choose any package that suits your business the best.

So now that you have the list, all you need to do is go for the free trials and see which software tool works best for your business. All these tools are perfect fits for any SMB and they also offer a reasonable pricing package.

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