SendGrid Integration

Send email from Agile CRM using SendGrid

SendGrid integration for CRM

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Send Emails

Send transactional and marketing automation emails via your SendGrid account.

Score and Tag Contacts

Use Agile CRM's features for lead scoring, email and link tracking, and realtime alerts.

Email Split Testing

Take advantage of A/B tests and segmentation to improve email open and click rates.


Design and send automatic response emails based on time or customer actions.

How to Setup SendGrid Integration

1. Go to Integrations in Admin Settings

Login to your Agile CRM account. Go to Admin Settings > Integrations.

Go to Integrations in Admin Settings
Enable SendGrid Integration

2. Enable the Integration

Click on Enable to begin the integration process.

3. Enter SendGrid Credentials

Enter your SendGrid username and password, then click Save to activate the integration. You can now send email in Agile CRM via your SendGrid email gateway.

Enter SendGrid Credentials

Check the SendGrid Setup Guide for more detailed instructions.

About SendGrid

SendGrid is a transactional email delivery service that sends over 19 billion emails a month. It's known for high email deliverability rates. Integrating SendGrid with Agile CRM is the easiest way to engage massive amounts of customers and leads with consistent, automated personalization. If your small business is ready to scale quickly, integrate Agile CRM with SendGrid for everything you need to help your SMB grow.

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FREE for 10 Users. No credit card required.