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Send Emails via Mandrill Gateway, No Coding Required.
Mandrill Integration for Agile CRM

Send Emails

Send all variety of emails such as promotional, transactional and newsletter emails to your customers right from the Agile CRM via Mandrill email gateway.

Send Emails

Emails Stats

View Email Stats

Canvass your campaign's performance for emails sent through Mandrill from Agile CRM with intelligent email reporting features in both Agile and Mandrill. Take note of delivered, bounced, rejected mails, deliverability rate, email open and click through stats.

Minimize Costs

Cut down your email costs drastically with Agile CRM Mandrill integration. Mandrill offers the best value in the industry and the fastest way to deliver your emails.

Minimize Costs

Enhanced Deliverability

Enhanced Deliverability

Scale up your deliverability with Mandrill integration that assures the fastest and the highest deliverability.

Marketing Automation with Mandrill

Build advanced marketing campaigns in minutes with Agile and make email blasts with the Mandrill integration at a lesser cost and a higher deliverability rate.

Marketing Campaigns

Setting up Mandrill Integration

1. Locate the App

Go to Admin Settings --> Integrations and find the Mandrill Integration App in the Email Gateway section.

Locate Mandrill Integration
Link Mandrill Account

2. Find your Mandrill API key

Sign in to your Mandrill Account and move on to the 'Settings' tab. Now, click on the 'SMTP & API info' tab and copy the API key.

3. Link your Mandrill Account

Click on the 'Enable' button on the Mandrill Integration and enter your Mandrill account API key in the new window. Then, click on the 'Save' button to link your Mandrill acount with Agile.

Link your Account

Check the Mandrill CRM setup guide for more detailed instructions.

About Mandrill

Mandrill is a scalable transactional email infrastructure service by MailChimp. It has marketing-friendly analytics tools as in MailChimp.


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