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Send triggered transactional emails via Amazon's Simple Email Service

Amazon SES integration for Agile CRM

Send Emails

You set the email to send automatically to prospects who display a desired behavior on Amazon. An Agile trigger then sends your promotional email to that prospect, via Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES).

Amazon SES Send Emails

Amazon SES email metrics

Track Email Metrics

Maintain insight into your email campaigns with the Amazon SES metrics dashboard. Amazon SES lets you track important metrics such as email deliveries, email bounces, complaints and more.

Setup Amazon SES to work with Agile CRM

1. Locate the Integration

Go to Admin Settings >--> click on Integrations >> and locate Amazon SES in the Email Gateway section.

Locate Amazon SES Integration
Enter Amazon SES credentials

2. Enter Amazon SES credentials

Sign in to your Amazon SES account >> go to Account Settings >> find your Access and Secret keys >> copy and paste them in the setup box to link Amazon SES with Agile CRM.

Check the Amazon SES integration guide for detailed setup instructions

About Amazon SES

Amazon SES is a cost-effective email service built on top of Amazon's reliable web infrastructure. With Amazon SES, you can send transactional, promotional emails, newsletters or other marketing messages to your customers.

amazon ses

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