How to Choose Marketing Automation Software?

Identify your goals and objectives before selecting
the right Marketing Automation Software

Every time you decide to automate any of your processes, big or small, it is always recommended that you understand the software, list down the criteria and know if it matches your own.

Marketing automation is one such area that requires deep-diving into criteria and specifics you are looking for and getting software that is an exact match. However, this is not an easy process and depending on the size/growth of your company, the criteria and specifics list will keep building up. You need to start small and basic, analyze if your common marketing areas require automation. If yes, then match these basics with the software and choose the marketing automation software that suits you the best.

How to Choose Marketing Automation Software

Few criteria that you need look into are:

Ease of Use

The software should be easy to use and should make it easier for you to perform tasks. Anything that is too high-tech, requires additional training and is hard to get accustomed to shouldn’t even be considered. The software should be effortless to get along with and people using it should enjoy working with it.


The tasks the software allows you to perform using automation are important to understand. The basic features it needs to provide are email campaign automation, lead management, web engagement analytics, real-time alerts, social media automation and data hygiene. Any feature more than these are an added advantage but it needs to be something that you require for your business as well.

Customization & Personalization

The software should allow you to customize and personalize email campaigns, newsletter designs and social messages. You should be able to develop, change and review various templates easily and efficiently.


The software should easily align with sales tasks and process. The point of this marketing automation software is to drive more sales, hence it needs to serve that purpose more than anything else.


The software should integrate with other systems in case you have more than one automation system. If this software is not already integrated with your CRM then how seamlessly will it be able to integrate? The more systems you need to integrate, the more complex it will get. So understand the integration part of it and then choose the software.


The software needs to be a sound investment. Understand what all it adds up to in total or are you required to pay extra for additional features. Match this investment with your ROI and analyze if the software will be a good investment for your business.

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