7 Advantages of SMB Marketing Automation

Benefits of marketing automation to help you decide whether an automated
marketing solution is right for your business

We've put together the top seven benefits of SMB marketing automation to help you decide whether an automated marketing solution, such as Agile, is right for your business:.

SMB Marketing Automation

1. Time Saving

Marketing automation offers specialized time-saving solutions using machining processes. For example, you can create multiple campaigns and publications in advance and schedule them for a future release date. This allows you to design multiple Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus posts in one sitting and publish them throughout the month.

2. Client Segmentation

Our automated marketing solutions allow you to create rules and triggers that make it possible to separate customers automatically, rather than having to group customers manually. For example, a company that provides computer solutions could instruct the tool to create a list of customers who have purchased a particular product. It could then be set to automatically send updates, messages and promotions to those clients.

3. Saving Staff Resources

With SMB marketing automation, a single staff member can execute complex campaigns and connect with many more clients than would be possible manually. By reducing the time and effort involved in creating and distributing messages and collecting data, Agile CRM’s tools let you make the most of your staff and resources.

4. Detailed Reports

Agile’s automated marketing solutions keep track of every email campaign, Facebook post or text message and provide detailed real-time charts, statistics and other analytical reporting data to optimize future campaigns. Campaign data is collected and organized automatically, which simplifies review.

5. Branding

Automated marketing leads to a consistent brand, helping customers identify the business and connect with the idea behind the brand. Allowing customers to interact with the business in multiple ways increases visibility, which helps attract new customers.

6. Easy Lead Nurturing

Agile CRM empowers you to nurture leads from the beginning of your interaction. When a customer visits the brand website and signs up to receive newsletters, you can connect with them immediately with a Drip Marketing campaign, which will use customer behavior data to send the right message at the right time.

7. Collecting Customer Information

Agile’s automated solutions collect information based on customer purchases and preferences. All data is stored for future use with the goal of reaching each customer more effectively.

As a Small Business Owner, do I Need this Automation?

If you run a small business with limited staff, automation is a necessity. Using this automation software, a single individual can effectively manage multiple email and social media campaigns in tandem with other web marketing efforts.

Customers today require a personalized, engaging and consistent experience across channels. Customer experience is the most important factor in determining the effectiveness of your brand. Marketing automation software helps you achieve a memorable and enticing cross-channel experience.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not your company needs a SMB marketing automation solution, Agile CRM’s software is free to try!

For up to 10 users and 5000 emails, businesses can leverage Agile’s powerful capabilities at zero cost. Paid plans also offer great value, starting from $8.99 per user per month.

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