Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation tracks and understands
the marketing journey of a customer

Marketing Automation software can be useful if any business capitalizes on it effectively. SMBs especially can make use of this software to monitor and manage tasks while saving time using automation. The primary aim of this software is to provide a unified communication platform, where the marketing team can track and understand the marketing journey of a customer.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

There are many benefits of using marketing automation software and you can read about the eight common benefits below:

1. Track Contacts

This software provides a unified platform using which businesses can track various customers on different channels easily. Understand and monitor your potential customers’ web activities and buying behavior; record and respond to all communication channels; and deliver timely marketing messages to your customers. Using this software, you can gain insights about your customers and analyze their keenness to make the purchase.

2. Save Time

Using marketing automation software, businesses can automate their regular marketing tasks quickly while saving time to concentrate on other marketing strategies. Through this software, you can create multiple campaigns to send scheduled-customized emails to any number of customers; set-up auto-responders for daily follow-ups; or automate messages for various social media channels.

3. Build Relationships

Through this software, businesses can establish good relationships with their customers. The regular in-flow of data on daily customer activities helps personalize your interactions and improves them if need be. It helps you to deliver more valuable communication to your potential buyers and current customers, and build strong relationships.

4. Maintain Consistency

This software allows you to schedule your tasks in a timely manner to ensure that you are maintaining consistency in your process. Using this software, you can schedule timely follow-ups for all your customers’ replies or achieve timely posting on all your social media channels without any delays.

5. Monitor Omni Channels

Using marketing automation software, you can monitor all the channels you use to interact with your potential buyers and current customers. From emails to social media, you can get detailed information on which customer did what and where, in minutes.

6. Create Reports

This software helps you track and monitor all the channels. Using this data you can create detailed reports and save them in the software itself. You can analyze the statistics and graphs on various campaigns and use these data to know which campaign did better. You can also organize and share these reports automatically with other teams or team members.

7. Lead Nurturing

Using marketing automation, you can simplify and automate the whole process of lead nurturing. You can easily clip prospects’ and leads’ information from various social media channels and add them directly. You can automate lead categorization using lead scoring and send personalized emails using email automation. You can also improve your follow-ups through auto-responders.

8. Detailed Profiles

This software helps you to create detailed customer profiles using email open rates, web behavior and responses. Various communication channels will help you gather new information about customers and after analyzing this data, you can add more points in your customer profiles.

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