G Suite

G Suite + Agile CRM for Increased Business and Sales Productivity

28% of our users use G Suite formerly known as Google Apps comprising of apps like Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, and Google Drive. Giving sales more time to sell is our focus and so we integrated Agile CRM tightly with G Suite/Google Apps so that our customers don’t have to duplicate their efforts.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Agile CRM integration with Google Drive - Upload documents directly from Google Drive to Agile CRM. This saves time and allows you to collaborate with anyone on any of the Google Apps.

Link your documents to relevant contacts or deals directly from your Google Drive. Check out more details of Google Drive CRM integration.

Google Contacts

Agile CRM integration with Google Contacts – Syncs contacts between Agile CRM and Google Contacts to get a single view of your contacts in either app.

Customize the frequency of sync and select contacts and specific groups to sync. Trigger your marketing campaigns automatically by adding a tag to the contacts synced from your Google account using Google Contacts Sync.

Google Contacts

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Agile CRM integration with G Suite Calendar - Sync G Suite Calendar and Agile CRM Calendar instantly to ensure you don’t miss any appointment.

Agile Calendar is based on industry standard iCal and hence can be easily synced in a bi-directional way with all major calendaring applications including Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar .


Agile CRM integration with Gmail (one of the most used applications in G Suite)- 2-Way Sync between Agile CRM and your Gmail accounts in seconds. See all of your customer’s emails within Agile CRM and avoid switching between apps.

View all email conversations with your customers in Agile's unique timeline view. You can also view all the emails exchanged in the Email tab of the contact synced from all the folders of your Google Mail account.

Gmail integration

Google Docs

Google Docs

Agile CRM integration with G Suite Docs - Access Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides right from within Agile CRM saving valuable time.

Work anywhere, anytime - even offline, add and respond to comments. Never worry about losing your work as everything is saved automatically as you type when you are using Google Docs. All of your G Suite Apps can be accessed from your CRM with - Google Drive integration.

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CRM testimonial by Gary R Wagner

Gary R Wagner

MD - Annapolis

Excellent support. You all are the best I have ever seen in my 30 years working in technology.

CRM testimonial by Daniel Goghlin

Daniel Goghlin


I love Agile so far. I have used MS Crm for the last 3 years and I'm impressed so far.

CRM testimonial by Logan Boyce

Logan Boyce

Coach - Keller Williams Realty

Just wanted to say thank you. This CRM seems completely beast. Thank you for creating this masterpiece.

CRM testimonial by Niklas Appelmann

Niklas Appelmann

Owner - smartbusiness

You guys simply blew my mind. This is the best CRM I have ever seen.

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