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Move leads through the pipeline faster and increase lead conversion with powerful drip campaigns.

Email Creation

You can create stunningly professional marketing emails with Agile CRM’s drag and drop email creator. Agile’s email marketing features let you select from pre-packaged templates, or create your own in a matter of minutes to convey your message and execute your drip marketing campaign with style.

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Email Lists

It’s easy to create an email list for your drip campaign. Agile CRM’s client database lets you segment leads easily with the use of system tags so that you can create a targeted list of leads with interests that align with your campaign message.

Campaign Automation

Extensive marketing automation features let you configure and automate your entire drip email marketing campaign. This includes pulling your email list for each send, executing scheduled email sends, scoring leads based on their actions, and passing them over to sales for follow up once they are qualified.

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Lead Generation

If you have calls to action in other places on your website, you can tell the system to bring leads who complete the CTA into the beginning of your drip marketing campaign. They get added to your campaign email list and move through the entire campaign automatically. Essentially, it’s automated lead generation.

Lead Scoring and Qualification

You tell the system how many points to award leads who take action on your drip email marketing campaign, such as opening and clicking on emails, or downloading content you send. Then, when they meet the scoring qualification threshold you set, they get automatically passed over to sales for follow up.

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