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Call to Action Software Features

Generate New Leads

Agile CRM provides various ways to strategically place your call to action front and center so you can capture new leads for further marketing and nurturing. Then you can further streamline your lead generation efforts with powerful marketing automation features.

Lead Generation Call to Action

Forms Call to Action

Web Forms

Dynamic web forms let you place your call to action in various places on your website, such as in web pop-ups or on the landing pages you build in the CRM. Leverage built-in forms for quick lead capture, or create your own custom forms to capture the exact information that you need most.

Landing Pages

An intuitive, drag and drop landing page builder lets you easily create your own landing pages with no website coding experience. Place your web forms on your landing pages to increase engagement and generate more leads. Include your branding on landing pages for a seamless customer experience.

Landing Page Call to Action

Pop-up Call to Action

Web Pop-Ups

Configure Agile’s web-pop-ups to display on the pages you want, at the times you specify based on visitor behavior. Position them across your site to display a message of your choice—such as a call to action around high value content, a discount offer, or a newsletter sign up form.

Leverage Social Media

Create landing pages with web forms and use them to post calls to action on social media. If you have great content with catchy descriptions and titles, people will share your landing pages, extending the reach of your social marketing efforts, and your brand.

Social Media Call to Action

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