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Capture, nurture, qualify and convert more leads. Maximize the return on your prospecting and demand generation efforts.

Lead Generation Software Features

Leverage Landing Pages and Forms

Take online lead generation to the next level with web forms and highly engaging landing pages. Use these to capture leads from your inbound marketing content. Collect all the data you need—email, telephone, location, industry, etc.—from each lead and it automatically streams into Agile CRM for further nurturing.

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Optimize Your Website with Pop-Ups

Maximize lead generation from your website with dynamic web pop-ups. Place them across your site. You decide when and why they appear, and they display a message of your choice. Use them to share a link to high value content, a discount offer, or a newsletter sign up form.

Find Unknown Email Addresses

Use Agile’s email finder to easily locate, verify, and import unknown email addresses into your CRM. All you need is the contact’s first and last names, along with their company’s website address. The email finder then takes that information and searches known email servers and possible email patterns to give you the most probable address for that contact.

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Sales Telephone Prospecting

Make your sales team more efficient with Agile’s auto dialer. They select multiple contacts from the CRM and the dialer automatically calls them in sequence, maximizing the number of leads they can reach in less time.

Monitor Lead Activity on Twitter

Use Agile’s integrations to pull your Twitter feed into the system so you can monitor what’s being said about your brand. Lead generation from Twitter will ensure you are able to interact with interested leads more easily. This is helpful for both B2C and B2B lead generation.

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Email Marketing

Agile CRM’s complete marketing automation suite lets you ramp up your email marketing efforts and generate more leads by expanding the reach of your message. Use a variety of built-in templates to give your emails that professional look you want. Customize them to bring in your own branding.

Manage and Segment Leads

Easily segment leads with customizable tags based on demographic or behavioral attributes. Manage all your leads in a central contact database and track every interaction they have with you in a 360-degree contact view that everyone in your company can see and take action on.

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Personalized Lead Generation

With the ability to easily segment incoming leads, and the extensive amount of contact data you can build for each lead, it’s easy to personalize your interactions with them. Pull their names into emails, show their industry and location in web pop-ups, and more.

Qualify Leads Faster and More Accurately

Automatically score leads based on actions they take or demographic attributes they provide via your forms. Set a score qualification threshold and ensure your sales team is always working with the most buy-ready leads, while automatically disqualifying dead-end leads.

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Maintain Insight into What’s Working

A powerful lead generation tool, Agile provides advanced metrics, analytics and reporting that allow you to see which of your lead generation strategies are working and which are not. Configure your dashboard to display the metrics you need most at a glance so you can make more informed decisions.

Lead Generation from Social Media

Use Agile CRM’s lead prospector to pull contacts from social media sites into your lead database. For example, go to LinkedIn, do a contact or company search, then pull any or all of the results into your CRM along with contact data like company name, job title and location—making lead generation from LinkedIn a breeze.

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