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More accurate, reliable data to drive growth and increase client satisfaction.

Maximum Insight

With Agile CRM’s client database, you store vast amounts of information about your contacts, such as their interests, past buying history, web pages they visited, emails they opened, products they own, their social media profiles, and of course their contact information.

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360-Degree Contact View

All of that information that you store on each of your clients is housed in a single, 360-degree contact view page, making is incredibly easy to find the information you need on a single client contact. Another reason why Agile CRM’s client database boosts efficiency.

Cleaner Data

When you work from one source of truth, you eliminate data overlap and the possibility of having two different sets of data for the same client, stored in two different places. Your data becomes much more accurate and reliable.

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Better Collaboration

Everyone who uses your Agile CRM client database helps to build the data around each client contact, and all of their data updates are reflected in the system in real time for all to see. When everyone is working off one source of truth, collaboration is at its highest.

Personalized Client Relationships

Each team member can check in on a client’s contact record before interacting with them, and come to the meeting armed with extensive information about that contact and the interactions they have had with your company. This allows you to personalize your outreach, which increases client satisfaction.

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