UserVoice Integration - Agile CRM

Build better products & services using user-friendly feedback by merging UserVoice with Agile CRM

UserVoice Integration for CRM

Sync Information

Get feedback from various departments and save them under individual contacts

Easy Maintenance

Manage customer feedback along with all the other information under Contact’s timeline

User Vote

Conduct polls/vote on various new feature ideas and get to know customers’ response

Better Experience

Saved data can be viewed when required to help sales rep provide improved customer experience

UserVoice Integration Setup

1. Add UserVoice Widget

Open your Agile dashboard and go to Preferences -> Widgets. Then select the Support tab and click Add under UserVoice.

uservoice Setup, Step-1
uservoice Setup, Step-2

2. Enter UserVoice details to begin the integration.

Once the widget is added, you will need Braintree ‘Merchant ID’, ‘Public Key’, and ‘Private Key’ to activate this widget.

Check the UserVoice Integration CRM setup guide for more detailed instructions.

About UserVoice

UserVoice, one of the leading SaaS provider, is a tool that helps in customer support and product management. Through the integration of UserVoice, businesses can serve their customer base more competently. This tool is used by more than 100,000 organizations for the enhancement of user support and experience. UserVoice can be embedded seamlessly on your website or mobile app to get real-time customer/user feedback.

uservoice Integration

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