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Twilio SMS Integration

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SMS Stats

SMS stats

Keep tabs on messages sent to your contacts. View the key SMS stats; take note of delivered, failed and queued messages right from your Agile dashboard.

Dynamic Sender ID

The Sender number changes dynamically so as to ensure proper delivery of messages, upon performing iterations in Mobile campaigns.

Dynamic Sender ID

Twilio Integration Setup

1. Locate Twlio Integration

To explore mobile marketing in Agile, integrate with Twilio. Go to Admin Settings --> Integrations and find the Twilio Integration under the SMS Gateway section.

Integrate with Twilio
Twilio Account Details

2. Enter Account Details

Click on the 'Enable' button on the Twilio integration. Now, enter your Twilio account details in the given fields and save them to link your Twilio account with Agile.

3. Message from Twilio number

While designing campaigns, select the Twilio mobile number in the 'From' field in the SMS node and fill in the rest. That's it! All your messages to your customers will be sent from your Twilio number.

Message from Twilio number

Check the Twilio SMS setup guide for more detailed instructions.

About Twilio

Twilio is a cloud communications company which allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages using its web service APIs.

Twilio SMS Integration

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