Act-On Alternative - How Agile is Better?

Amidst all Act-On alternatives, Agile CRM is the most
power-packed & affordable all-in-one CRM

Act-On Alternative

Email Marketing

Both Act-On and Agile CRM come with full-featured email marketing tools, including an easy email template builder, automated campaign management, click tracking, pre-built mobile templates, advanced contact segmentation and detailed statistics. Act-On also has A/B testing, but Agile CRM better handles hand-off from marketing to sales and customer service since it is an all-in-one solution.

Landing Pages

Act-On helps you quickly build forms and landing pages to capture prospect data for automated drip campaigns and follow-ups, and it has many templates to get you started fast. So does Agile CRM, but one feature that sets Agile CRM apart among the Act-On alternatives is that you can create custom video messages right from within the CRM when building your landing pages.

landing page

web tracking

Web Tracking

Good marketing automation solutions track website visitors, store this data with contact details, and act on this data automatically through rules that can initiate email campaigns, real-time customer, sales alerts or lead score and segment based on web viewing activity. Act-On does this well and even logs anonymous web viewers, but Agile CRM also has robust web tracking and automation, and businesses can do more with this automation because sales and customer service automation also integrate natively with our web tracking functionality.

Segmentation and Lead Scoring

Act-On and Agile CRM each let you score leads and segment campaigns based on prospect behavior, and the automation options within both solutions help you manage this segmentation and initiate campaigns, alerts, and workflows automatically based on this data. Agile CRM includes telephony and deal management, too, making segmentation more useful.

lead scroing


Marketing Automation

Your business needs marketing automation, and both Act-On and Agile CRM help you set up complex marketing workflows that can include personalized drip campaigns, customized landing pages, detailed segmentation and easy customer follow-up. Agile CRM goes beyond many other Act-On alternatives by not only having marketing automation but also sales and customer service automation.

Social Media Management

Act-On excels at social media management, and it lets you compose and schedule Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts right from within the product. Act-On also helps you pull contact info from these social media services. Agile CRM grabs and displays contact social media data, too, but Act-On has the complete social media suite.

social crm



Act-On has dozens of integrations with popular services such as Shopify, Twitter, and Salesforce. Many of these integrations rely on workflow service like Zapier, and connections to popular small-business services such as Zendesk, Stripe, Ring Central or QuickBooks are absent. Agile CRM, on the other hand, comes with Zapier connectivity but also dozens of native integrations geared towards the web services SMBs actually use.

Analytics and Reports

Both Act-On and Agile CRM come with a complete suite of analytics and reports that help your business make sense of email marketing campaigns, click tracking and website visitor behavior, funnel activity, traffic analysis, and revenue impact. Agile CRM makes a good Act-On alternative because you get all of these analytics features and reports for a fraction of the Act-On price along-with a range of other features.


contact management

Contact Management

Single-view access to all of your contact’s details make marketing and segmentation far more useful, and Act-On and Agile CRM both deliver the goods. Where Act-On focuses on marketing, Agile CRM makes contact management useful for sales and customer service functions. You get complete contact management natively with Agile CRM—no silos or separate CRM systems such as Salesforce required!


There’s no comparison between Agile CRM and Act-On when it comes to affordability. Agile CRM blows Act-On and the other Act-On alternatives out of the water when it comes to price. Your business can get a 10-seat basic Agile CRM plan for free, and most of the marketing, sales and customer service functionality for as little as $8.99 per month. Act-On starts at $900 per month, and features like multiple rule scoring sheets require plans that start at $2000 per month. If you’re a large enterprise already using Salesforce and several other marketing and sales solutions, Act-On might be a good fit. But if you’re an SMB, Agile CRM is the obvious Act-On alternative.


Comparison with Act-On

Act-On offers an impressive array of marketing tools and is suited for a large enterprise or if marketing is your primary line of business. Agile CRM also comes with most of these marketing tools that Act-on provides, and on top of that, it also provides customer service and sales automation suite—at less than a tenth of the price! So if you’re an SMB, Agile CRM is a far more affordable and full-featured Act-On alternative that still gives you comparable marketing firepower. Here’s why Act-On is marketing for larger enterprises, while Agile CRM is an all-in-one solution for startups and SMBs-as well as for savvy larger enterprises that understand the value of deep integration and not paying more than what is necessary.

Here is the detailed comparison between Act-On and Agile CRM and their features:

Act-On Agile

Appointment Scheduling


Integrated Sales


Integrated Helpdesk


2-way telephony



Starts at 2,500 active contacts Starts at 10,000 contacts & companies

Push Notifications


Onboarding Cost

Starts at $500 No Onboarding cost

Video Messaging


Web tracking and automation


Deal Management




Mobile Alerts


Periodic email reports


Growth Analysis


Cohort analysis


Calendar Sync with Google


Contact Database


Contact History


Project Tracking


SMS marketing


Sales Forecasting


Ticket Mangement




Invoice Management





Plan starts at $900 Plan starts at $8.99

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