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Top 5 Cloud Telephony Tools

Did you know that on an average a sales rep makes 52 calls per day. Yes, calling is the backbone of every sales process and any inefficiency in this function may result in lost opportunities. It is imperative for any sales rep to be in constant contact with its leads and customers, and after email, calling is the best way of communication because 92% of customer interaction happens on a call.

However, manually dialing and calling everyday is not only cumbersome but also ineffective. This because a great deal of time is spent on searching contact’s number and dialing calls. There is an easier way to do this – get a cloud Telephony tool. Having a cloud Telephony tool makes it easier for you to make calls continuously and it also removes the manual work. To add to this, you can easily integrate these software with your CRM.

Top five cloud telephony tools that improve calling automation.



Now call anywhere, anyone and on any device with Twilio voice solutions. Do more than just calling with this software and make calls on phone, apps and VoIPs without any interruptions. You make, receive and record, plus receive and send voice messages to anyone from your contacts list or an unknown number. This tool also allows sending and receiving of SMS.

Using this tool, sales rep can easily communicate with their leads and customers and get the best calling experience. Twilio allows you to connect with local as well as international numbers on any device (mobile or landline) without any interruption. You can send voice messages, record and forward calls, do conference calls, send and receive SMS & MMS and block spam calls. It’s click-to-call feature is dynamic and makes calling smooth. You can also embed voice calling on various mobile and web apps such as cloud CRM and more.

The pricing plan of this tool is dependent on your location/country. However, for US clients its price plan is affordable with $1 per number, $2 per toll-free numbers and more depending on your requirement and adoption.


Calling on cloud gets easier and fast with Nexmo. Enterprises and applications can smoothly connect with their customers on call with its voice APIs. With this tool as well, you can make local and international calls to any number including toll-free numbers.

Nexmo allows you to make, receive and record calls anywhere, any time. The recorded inbound and outbound calls can be downloaded and used for training or feedback purpose. It also allows voice conferencing and masks caller’s identity if required. You can control the flow of calls using its call control features and use its text-to-speech features for better communication with international customers. Nexmo offers clear call quality and automatic SMS campaigns.

Nexmo offers affordable pricing plans. It provides outbound calls for $0.23 per minute and inbound calls for $0.15 per minute. It has exclusive monthly pricing plans as well depending on your requirements.




This cloud communication provider offers competitive and reliable telephony product to ensure businesses can ease their interactions with customers effectively. Knowlarity’s SuperReceptionist allows you to personalize calls and manage contact better.

Apart from making and receiving calls, Knowlarity offers click-to-call where in customers can easily make call from the email or website with just one click. This tool offers call recording and call forwarding to allow ease in call management. Users can also route calls to atleast 10 extensions and can do call conferencing. With this tool, sales reps can set welcome messages for their callers ensuring a more interactive communication. This is easily accessible from mobile phones and offers real-time analytics to improve call tracking.

Knowlarity offers monthly pricing plans and doesn’t bill based on per number or per call. It’s basic pricing plan starts with $20/monthly for two users, to add more users you need to upgrade the plan or customize the plan to suit your requirements.


Learn the smart way to communicate with CounterPath voice calling solutions. This tool allows you to take and manage calls from with your smartphone or iPad or desktop within no time. It offers calling solution on any device, network or platform, and you can seamlessly manage calling from your apps or electronic devices.

CounterPath has robust features where it allows video calling and video messaging. It’s VoIP solutions are specially customized to meet any business needs and it seamlessly integrates with any CRM systems. This tool will easily replace your desk phone with it’s easy direct calling features. It also provides push notification. Based on your plan, you can share screens and make conference video calls as well.

CounterPath offers varied pricing based on your criteria and requirements though its pricing still falls under affordable category. It also differentiates its pricing plan based on desktop and mobile types. It’s basic plan starts at $49 and from there on it goes up.




Manage contacts and make calling easy with Ozonetel. This tool offers solutions such as CloudAgent – a telephony system that will take your inbound and outbound calling to another level, KooKoo – connect your web application and callers using cloud telephony on your webpage and Dhvani – a speech telephony platform to manage customer communication.

This tool’s telephony solutions are powerful and intuitive. Apart from the generic inbound and outbound calls, it also allows active search results using voice, automatic call distribution (inbound calls, emails, SMS and social media messages) based on rep’s skill and customer needs, monitoring queued calls and more. Its cloud telephony tool offers call forwarding, conferencing, monitoring, recording and time-based call routing. It also provides various call reports and analytics to improve your understanding on your call campaigns.

Ozonetel offers a flexible pricing depending on the user’s requirement and team size. However, their basic pricing starts from $35 to $45/monthly per agent. Even they offer varied pricing for different locations.

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