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Remember the days when we relied on MS Word and Excel to execute a mail merge? Then, we graduated to using Outlook for our email merge needs. These days, doing a mail merge is easier and faster than ever before. You no longer need to create multiple documents and manually run data syncs between them in order to merge data fields into your communications. With Agile CRM’s mail merge features, creating and distributing a personalized mass mailer is as easy as a few clicks. Read on to learn more.

How Does Mail Merge Work?

When using Agile CRM, the process of doing a mail merge becomes painless and streamlined. You complete the process more efficiency, and can rest assured that the data going into each individual email is 100% accurate.

Preparing Your List

Unlike with antiquated mail merge processes, you don’t need to prepare a spreadsheet list in order to execute a mail merge in Agile CRM. That’s because all of the data you need to use is already in Agile CRM, at the contact level. Essentially all you need to do to create a list is to determine the criteria you want to use to segment a portion of your database. For example, you could easily create a send list based on industry, geographical location, and product used—then you have your list, it’s that simple.

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Drafting Your Email

Drafting an email in Agile CRM is incredibly easy with its intuitive email builder. Simply open the email editor, draft your message, and insert any graphics you want. You can also create a mail merge with an attachment—essentially, you can do anything that you can with a normal email sent form Agile CRM. Next, you will tell the system which fields you want it to merge for each individual contact. You just move your cursor to the point in the email where you want that value to go, click the “merge fields” button in the email editor, then select the field you want, and then the value each recipient has in that field will automatically get pulled into their email.

Sending Your Email

Once you have defined your send list and drafted your email—complete with the merge fields you wish to use—the only step remaining is to send it. The steps for doing so are extremely intuitive and quite clear when you work through the process. When you do, each recipient’s respective value for each merge field you entered will be automatically pulled into the send. It’s really that easy.

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Tracking Your Results

It’s quite easy to track the results of your merged email send in Agile CRM. Once the email has been sent, you can check back to see how many were opened, how many people clicked on the links within, and more. If you need more granular detail, you can also drill down to see who clicked on which links, when each person opened the email, and so on.

Email Reports

In addition to checking on opens and clicks, you can set up reports that run at set intervals of time and get delivered to your inbox. Let’s say that you have a mail merge that is scheduled to send out periodic emails over a long period of time. You likely don’t want to check in every day to see how things are going. Instead, you can set up an email report that will deliver those results to you every day, every week, or however often you choose.

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Mail Merge with Gmail Integration

If you have set up Gmail integration with your Agile CRM account, you can use that service to execute mail merges via Gmail, using the data in your Agile CRM contact database. All of the steps above apply, and the process is virtually the same. But, you will be sending these merged emails from your Gmail account, rather than form your Agile CRM email address. If you are not currently using the free Agile CRM – Gmail integration but would like to learn more, read about the integration.

Personalized for Higher Engagement

Using the mail merge feature allows you to send highly personalized emails to your customers and prospects. It’s been shows that the more personalized your communication with your constituents, the greater the levels of engagement you will generate. These days, companies—and in particular, small businesses—need to do what ever they can to differentiate themselves from their competition. Agile CRM’s mail merge functionality will help you stand out from the crowd and maintain engaged prospects and satisfied customers.

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