HubSpot Alternative - How is Agile Better?

All-in-one CRM with Helpdesk aligned with Sales & Marketing Automation

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HubSpot Alternative

All-in-One CRM with Helpdesk

With an extensive suite of marketing automation features, HubSpot is a powerful CRM, that being said there are multiple Hubspot alternatives available in the industry to choose from. However, Agile CRM, as an HubSpot Alternative, offers a little extra when compared. By integrating Helpdesk (service automation) with its CRM, it has now achieved a complete view of the customer journey using just one system. With this 360-degree view into a customer’s lifecycle, Agile CRM offers a deep understanding of customer behavior and a unified communication with the sales, marketing and service teams.

CRM Aligned with Sales and Marketing Automation

Industry available alternatives to Hubspot offer a range of disintegrated sales and marketing features, HubSpot itself provides sales and marketing automation, however, as a HubSpot Alternative, Agile CRM offers few extra integrated sales, marketing and service features. In its sales automation, Agile CRM adds punch by offering call automation, custom leaderboards, drag-and-drop campaign creator and more such features. Features such as “push notification, web pop-ups and automated voice broadcasts” gives Agile CRM an extra edge over others.

Web forms

Hubspot Alternatives Agile CRM

Better Customer Engagement

With features like push notification and automated voice broadcasts, Agile CRM is providing better customer engagement to its users. These features allow users to be alerted about their emails, contacts, follow-ups, to-be completed tasks and more even when they are not active on the CRM. Plus it allows you to add and send automated voice calls to various customers on their important events such as birthdays, subscription renewal and more.

Cost-Effective Pricing

Most collaboration tools are either difficult to implement or are grossly over-priced, or both. Agile CRM, however, is the most affordable CRM when compared to others. Agile CRM’s basic pricing starts at $8.99/month whereas Hubspot’s basic plan is $200/month. It offers additional features as well at a minimal price. To add to this, new CRM users can try out this software for free using the “free for 10 users” option.

Hubspot Alternatives


Improved Sales Forecasting

HubSpot offers sales automation but without deals automation. However, Agile CRM provides deal automation where you cannot create and track multiple deals and opportunities but also do sales forecasting. Using deals and opportunities data, you can easily track pending deals, conversion probability and advanced analytics. This data also helps in pipeline calculation on revenue, number of deals, and more.

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Comparison with HubSpot

HubSpot is known for its marketing automation features and it also offers basic sales automation. However, it is still an expensive option for a CRM that doesn’t provide complete automation. Agile CRM, on the other hand, provides complete business automation through its integrated sales, marketing and service automation. It’s intuitive interface, low affordable plan and zero training requirement makes this CRM software not only user-friendly but also extremely affordable. It’s intuitive interface, low affordable plan and zero training requirement makes this CRM software not only user-friendly but also extremely affordable. So, amidst the Hubspot alternatives available today, Agile definetly leads and is an affordable, effective and efficient alternative to Hubspot.

Here is the detailed comparison between HubSpot and Agile CRM and their features:

HubSpot Agile

CRM Software

Sales Automation

Marketing Automation



Pricing & Plans

Plans start from $200/month Plans start from $9.99/month

CRM Software

Agile CRM and HubSpot both offer premium CRM features. HubSpot alternative Agile CRM, however, provides an improved contact communication overview as it has integrated service automation that helps all the teams to have same insights on their customers.

HubSpot Agile

Leads, Contacts, Companies


360˚ Contact View(Sales, Marketing & Service)


Custom Deal Tracks/Pipelines & Milestones/Stages

Email Integration

Activity Timelines

Advanced Filters & Bulk Actions

Events & Tasks


Import & Export

Contextual Custom Fields

Sales Automation

Agile CRM offers more robust features in its sales automation with its deal automation features. Users can easily create, track, modify deals and opportunities. Sales forecasting gets easier with this CRM when compared to HubSpot.

HubSpot Agile

Tag Based Segmentation

Deals Automation



Through Integration

Call Automation


Appointment Scheduling

Sales Gamification

Custom Leaderboards


Marketing Automation

After the basic CRM features, Marketing Automation is the next core service provided by both Agile CRM and HubSpot. Both the CRMs offers a wide variety of features. However, Agile CRM moves a step ahead with its push notifications, drag-and-drop campaign builders and web pop-ups.

HubSpot Agile

Auto Responders

Multi-step Campaigns

Drag-drop Campaign Builder


Multi-channel Campaigns

Automated Lead Scoring

Lifecycle & Drip Marketing

Behavior-based Segmentation

Automatic Campaign Triggering

Push Notifications


Automated Voice Broadcast


Web Popups


Landing Page Builder

Form Builder


Agile CRM and HubSpot both are at par with each other in their social automation features.

HubSpot Agile

Social Integration

Social Media Monitoring

Social Updates


Agile CRM allows real-time notifications for email campaigns, link clicks, and web browsing. It also allows one to track his prospects and leads’ web behavior. HubSpot allows the same analytics.

HubSpot Agile

Email Tracking

Web Visitor Tracking

Real-time Notification


HubSpot offers its API in REST. However, HubSpot alternatives Agile CRM offers extensive front-end and back-end API in REST, Java, .Net and various other languages.

HubSpot Agile



Agile CRM and HubSpot, both offer periodic email and graphical reports.

HubSpot Agile

Periodic Email Reports

Graphical Reports

Web Business Metrics

Agile CRM offers insightful web business metrics in the form of growth reports, conversion metrics and more. HubSpot offers the same to its user base.

HubSpot Agile

Growth Reports

Conversion Metrics

Cohort Analysis


Agile CRM offers payment methods through its various third-party integrations and plugins like FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Xero and more. HubSpot offers the same. However, it does not offer any subscription payments.

HubSpot Agile


Through Integration Through Integration

Subscription Payments

- Through Integration


Both Agile CRM and HubSpot offer email, web forms and other widgets integrations.

HubSpot Agile

SIP Integration


Web Forms

Unbounce, Leadpages Wufoo, Unbounce, Gravity Forms

Email Sync

Google Apps, Outlook 365 Google Apps, IMAP

Custom Widgets

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