10 Free Users Now Come Standard with Agile CRM

10 Free Users Now Come Standard with Agile CRM

Automation just got more convenient.

Agile CRM just increased the number of free users from 2 to 10. This means that businesses that have signed up for Agile’s free plan for 2 users can now add up to 8 more users to access the CRM whereas, new users can now directly register for 10 users. This new offer aims to empower businesses and spread the joy of advanced automation for marketing, sales and customer service.

Originally implemented as a platform for two users, this new free edition for 10 users is a token of our love to all the SMBs out there. This is because of the recent growth of our organization and the positive feedback from our customers about the product as well as the support.

We started off as a bootstrapped venture two years ago, and hence we can completely identify with our SMB customers. Our months of hard work have paid off, and now we can proudly announce a base of more than 8000 customers.

Since we know the challenges that small businesses face, especially startups, we have tried to assist your efforts by sharing our product with a larger number of your employees free of cost. This new free edition provides an entirely free, no-strings attached, no credit card needed CRM for up to 10 users. Sign up today (completely free for the first ten users), and let us help you work faster and smarter than you thought was possible.

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We also continue to offer our other plans for when your CRM needs to grow, including three paid tiers that include additional features such as custom deal tracking and two-way telephony.

Agile CRM free edition plan includes:

  • 1000 contacts, appointment scheduling, sales essentials etc.
  • Email support, Google sync, Chrome extension, basic reports etc.
  • Newsletters, web engagement, contact level analytics, form builder, 5000 Emails (branded), web-to-lead etc.

Using Agile CRM for your business, you can increase your marketing, sales and customer service productivity with our complete package of CRM and automation tools. Agile CRM helps you align your entire business and seamlessly integrate sales, marketing and customer service–without even having to pay a dime for your small needs (and if you already have a thriving business with a large database of contacts, our paid plans are some of the most affordable ones in the CRM industry).

We have expanded our free offering because of our success, and we know that businesses like yours are the heart of that success. Expanding to 10 free users is our way of saying thanks.

Make the world a better place and spread the love. If you enjoy Agile CRM and want to share the news about our expanded free tier, tweet #AgileLove and let others know. It has never been a better time to be more efficient and productive with marketing, sales and customer service automation.

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FREE for 10 Users. No credit card required.

Shreyansh Surana

Shreyansh is a Tech blogger who writes primarily on CRM, marketing automation and digital marketing. He has more than 8 years of experience in digital marketing. He presently heads the marketing in a tech start-up company.

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