Agile CRM Gadget for Gmail/Google Apps

Manage your contacts directly from Google Mail/Apps
Google Apps integration of Agile CRM

Check Contact Information

Have all the information on your contacts at your finger tips. Display the contact details, photo, and background information, all very conveniently shown right beneath the email itself.

Check Contact Information

Add/Edit Contact

Add/Edit Contact

Add or edit score, tags, deals, notes to contacts directly from your Gmail using the Agile CRM google gadget. You can also add a person to Agile as a contact directly from your email.

Add to Campaign

Check the campaigns the contact has been a part of and add him to a campaign directly from your email through the Agile CRM google gadget.

Add Contact to a Campaign

Gmail Gadget Integration How-To

Setting up Agile CRM with Google Apps

1. Install Plugin

Install the Agile CRM plugin from the Google Apps Marketplace into the domain administrator account.

Install Agile CRM Google Gadget Plugin
Associate & Authorize

2. Associate & Authorize

Open any email and click on Associate and authorize Agile CRM. Once authorized, close the pop-up and start using the gadget from your Gmail.

Check the Google gadget setup guide for more detailed instructions.

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