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Exchange Email integration for CRM

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Sync with Your Email Servers

Sync your Agile CRM account with your Office 365, Outlook servers or Exchange mail servers and see all your interactions with your customer.

Sync with Your Email Server


Integrate with Ease

Integrate Agile CRM with your Outlook, Office 365 and Exchange servers with Agile and sync your conversations with your customers in less than 2 clicks using Agile's exchange integration.

2-way Email

Integrate with your email server and see all your email conversations with your customer in chronological order within Agile CRM.

2-way Email

Microsoft Exchange Integration Setup

1. Go to Email in Preferences

Go to 'Email' tab under the use Preferences menu to access Office 365 login.

Office 365, step-1
Office 365, step-2

2. Get Server Name

Go to Options in your Office 365 mail, go to 'Account' tab and get the server name from IMAP category under the 'Settings for POP and IMAP Access'. Use this server name in the Server(Host) in the office 365 Settings.

3. Office 365 settings

Fill out your exchange mail server settings and enter the server address and login details of your account. Check 'Use SSL' option if needed.

Office 365, step-3

Check the Exchange Office 365 CRM setup guide for more detailed instructions.

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