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Email marketing remains one of the most effective methods for generating and capturing new leads, as well as managing customer retention and satisfaction objectives. It all starts with a solid email list, with clean data, that is managed meticulously so that you can streamline the distribution of your emails. But how is it done in Agile CRM and what are some of the tricks of the trade? Read on to learn more.

How to build your email list

Manual Contact Creation: First and foremost, you need contacts with email addresses in your CRM contact database for successful email list management. You can manually enter a new contact by navigating to the contact tab in Agile CRM and clicking the Add Contact button, then entering all the contact information you have on that person.

Web Forms: You can also use system triggers to assist in your email list management. Use them to add new contacts with email addresses through the use of Agile CRM’s web forms. When an unknown contact submits the form, they are automatically added to your email list (just be sure to ask for an email address on the form). This includes your newsletter or blog opt in form—essentially any form that requests a name and an email address will add a new contact to your list.

Email Finder: You can use Agile CRM’s email finder feature to locate and import the email addresses of contacts for whom you only have a name and a company. It’s a valuable tool to aid in contact list management. Learn more about Agile CRM’s email finder.

Social Media: Agile CRM’s social suite allows you to pull social media profiles into your Agile CRM database. If that person’s profile includes their email address, you will have just added another email to your list.

Other Tactics: There are plenty of additional strategies that you can use to continuously build and manage your email list. We recently published a blog article listing 30 ways to grow your email list. Check out the blog.

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Segmenting your email lists

It’s great to have a large email list with which to market your product or service to prospects. However, not all of your offerings may be relevant to all your contacts. This is where list segmentation comes in. With the use of system tags, you can flag individual contacts based on behavioral characteristics, such as past buying behavior or the web pages they visited. You can also tag contacts based on demographic data. This allows you to send targeted and personalized marketing emails to certain segments of your list without having to hit every contact in your database.

Searching for contacts

Email list management is quick and easy with intuitive search capabilities. Leverage search functionality to find the contact or contacts you are looking for in Agile CRM. On every tab in the system, there is a search box at the top that you can use to search by name, email address, or company. You can also filter your contacts based on tags and other attributes to generate a list of contacts with shared characteristics.

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Importing and exporting contacts

Agile CRM provides the ability to import whole lists of contacts into the system from a CSV file. Plus, you can import contacts and their data from a host of third-party applications, such as Google Contacts, Stripe, Shopify, FreshBooks, QuickBooks and more. Moreover, you can easily filter a list of contacts and export them to be saved as an external file. Learn more about importing contacts.

Using lists for email marketing

Once you start to build your list, it’s time to think about running email marketing campaigns—this includes email drip campaigns, email newsletters, and a host of additional mechanisms for getting the word out. Agile CRM makes this easy by letting you filter out a segment of your contacts, create an email with Agile CRM’s intuitive email builder, then hit send and your email goes out to everyone on the list. Plus, you get access to email marketing metrics that tell you how many people opened and clicked your email, how many bounced, how many unsubscribed, and so on. Learn more about email marketing.

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The Bottom Line

There are so many ways to build and grow your email list, that your possibilities are vast. It’s recommended to take advantage of as many of the mechanisms listed above as possible to maximize the size and rate of growth of your list. Agile CRM’s email list management software capabilities will help you rise to the next level of email marketing success.

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