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Sales Feature Set

Among Agile CRM’s free CRM tools, it an expansive set of sales enablement features that help small businesses maximize their efficiency and close more deals with more precision. Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect with your free Agile CRM account:

Marketing Features Set

It’s hard to believe that included in the free CRM tools you get with Agile CRM are so many marketing features. The capabilities provided here—for free—typically cost hundreds of dollars per month. It’s no wonder Agile CRM is the preferred solution for small businesses looking to grow. Let’s take a closer look:

Web Forms

Capture new leads with web forms that you can place on your landing pages on in web pop-ups. Augment data on existing leads by asking for additional information that will let you personalize your approach to each lead in your database.

Lead Scoring

One of the great free CRM tools you get is the ability to automate the scoring of leads for behaviors such as visiting web pages, opening emails, completing forms, and so on. Use this to better qualify leads so sales can focus on the best prospects.

Email Tracking

Part of Agile CRM’s analytics and reporting, email tracking lets you see how many people are opening and clicking on your emails so that you can refine your approach as you grow.

Customer Support Help Desk Feature Set

One of the reasons Agile CRM is a great solution for startups and small businesses with limited resources is that it delivers complete help desk and customer support features that let you operate like the Fortune 500. It’s hard to go wrong with so many free CRM tools at your disposal.

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