Small Business Marketing

Learn why Agile CRM is the leading marketing automation solution for SMBs

Newsletters and Auto Responders

Choose a template and quickly create automatically personalized emails for sales, growth and retention. Send periodic newsletters to keep your customers informed and build campaigns that automatically respond to sign ups and contact actions. No more extra email campaign software, no more headaches - only results.

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Email Marketing CRM

Marketing Automation CRM

Drag and Drop Workflow

Simple SMB marketing workflow with an easy drag-and-drop designer. Build multi-step marketing campaigns visually in just a few minutes with Agile CRM marketing automation software.

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Web Engagement

Enhance engagement with your website visitors using Agile CRM's smart website popups, surveys and web grabbers designed for effective SMB marketing. Ask visitors to sign up or provide feedback at just the right time. Show personalized discounts, product features and more.

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Web Engagement CRM

Social CRM

Integrated Social Suite

Agile is a social CRM designed for super-easy marketing automation for SMB. Monitor your brand on social media feeds, track contacts' social media activity and discover new leads to add to your small business marketing. Automate social interactions and schedule posts, all from the CRM dashboard.

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We like Agile CRM because it's built for a combination of offline/online business, like a SaaS company that manages enterprise deals. It's full of features, but doesn't feel cluttered as they keep things clean and simple. And we love that they keep adding integrations.

Megan Pillsbury

Operations Director, Applied Wine

Behavior-based Segmentation

Agile CRM's marketing automation for SMB enables segmentation of your contacts based on their actions. Add relevant Tags or Notes based on email opens, links clicks, activity on pages on your website, and more.

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Calendar and Events CRM

Lead Scoring CRM

Automated Lead Scoring

Score leads automatically based on their activity with our small business marketing automation. Add a score when contacts open or click email links or browse your website. Run lead scoring campaigns and see hot leads automatically bubble to the top of your list.

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Email A/B Testing

Evaluate and optimize your small business marketing email campaigns with A/B testing. Send different versions of emails to contacts, evaluate response with our advanced email metrics, and improve your campaigns for ultimate marketing ROI.

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Social Suite CRM

email tracking crm

Email Tracking

We built Agile CRM to help you market like the Fortune 500. Discover who opens your SMB marketing emails. Track email opens, clicks and other responses. Score, segment and filter contacts. Measure performance with precise reports.

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Mobile Marketing

Top up small business marketing by sending out personalized SMS to your customers. Create auto response messages or drip marketing campaigns. Target your customers based on their activities and measure SMB marketing performance.

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mobile marketing crm

agile crm plugins

One Click Plugins and Integrations

Agile CRM integrates seamlessly with leading third-party service providers, websites and apps. Simple and easy to use integrations take your CRM utility to an all new level!

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