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Sales Pipeline Management

Capture more leads, move them through the pipeline efficiently, and close more deals in less time.

Generate More Leads

Grow your pipeline with ease, with powerful lead generation capabilities that help you find and capture more leads with less effort. With a complete marketing automation suite, Agile CRM is truly the best sales pipeline software available.

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Move Leads through the Pipeline

Score leads at various stages of the sales pipeline based on demographic of behavioral attributes. With powerful sales pipeline tracking software, you know where they are at all times and avoid bottlenecks that hold up the flow of leads through the funnel.

Better Lead Qualification

The ability to score leads and determine when they are qualified for sales hand-off lets your sales team focus their energy on the best, sales-ready leads, while ignoring dead-end leads, making Agile CRM the best sales pipeline management software tool on the market.

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Convert Leads More Easily

Agile CRM lets you maintain extensive insight into the leads in your sales pipeline, such as their personal interests, web activity, past buying patterns, and more. A 360-degree contact view lets you see all of this on a single page. Your team knows each lead’s likes and tendencies, making it easier to convert leads.

Manage Deals in the Pipeline

Agile CRM’s deal management features let you better manage deals in the pipe. Deal tracking, custom and multiple deal tracks, deal filters and deal metrics make it easy to know where each deal is, and take the necessary action to move each one through to the pipe.

Manage Deals in the Pipeline

Insight into Your Pipeline

Insight into Your Pipeline

Strong sales pipeline reporting software allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your pipeline. Sales forecasting, growth reporting, predictive analytics, and the ability to monitor each rep’s performance allows sales managers to manage the pipe like never before.

Nurture Leads

Social CRM capabilities, advanced email marketing, and the ability to personalize your outreach make it easy to engage leads in the pipeline, and nurture them through to qualification and hand-off to your sales team.

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