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Theses days, most successful companies that are growing revenue and enjoying better name recognition are using sales management software to manage their sales cycle. To be sure, the advent of sales management software has changed the face of sales management forever; with automation, smart workflows, and extensive analysis capabilities, it’s now easier than ever to maintain a strong, successful sales team. But what exactly does it do, and how does it benefit you? Here we take a closer look to shed some light on why it has become so popular in business today.

What is sales management software?

Customer Relationship Management:

Sales management software is normally tied to a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. A strong sales CRM provides all the tools businesses need to close deals faster and keep the pipeline full and flowing. To begin with, it provides a contact database where all the information you have on each and every contact is stored. This includes information such as geographical location, buying history, industry, and basic contact information.

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Customer Insight:

If you do your homework and choose a solution like Agile CRM that includes marketing automation out of the box, your sales team has access to insight around that contact’s touch points with marketing. When this is the case, all of marketing’s touch points are tracked back to each contact, like web pages visited, emails opened, and so forth. With this information, sales has loads of insight into the contact’s interests and behavioral patterns and can tailor prospect conversations to fit the context.

Pipeline Management:

It helps salespeople manage their opportunities and provides reporting and metrics that allow sales managers to get a view into how the pipeline looks, how each rep is performing against their goals, and predictive analytics that help you predict future revenue growth. Moreover, it also acts like a personal assistant, with tasks, alerts and reminders that help keep the sales team on track and performing at a high level.

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Premium Features:

There are also additional sales enablement and automation features that don’t come with all sales management software solutions. These features empower your sales team to reach an even higher level of success. For example, Agile CRM provides over 50 sales features, many of which are not standard in a sales CRM. Among these Agile CRM features are telephony functionality that lets sales streamline their prospect calls, gamification capabilities that boosts competition and collaboration among sales reps, and online appointment scheduling features that let reps place their calendars online so prospects can book their own appointments, increasing appointments book, and conversely deals closed. To put is simply: sales management software automates and streamlines the time-consuming administrative elements of sales so reps can focus more time on nurturing prospects, converting leads and closing deals.

Highly Effective Prospecting

Sales management software lets salespeople reach more prospects in less time, and lets them personalize their approach so they can close more deals. After all, sales start with leads and prospects. The automation features in some sales CRM solutions let reps call more leads in less time, expanding the reach of their efforts. For example, check out Agile CRM’s auto dialer feature. When a sales CRM also provides marketing automation, sales reps can use it to monitor the social feeds of leads, such as with Agile CRM’s social suite. Plus, it also lets reps benefit from the impact email marketing has on brand recognition—after all, email marketing is not dead. And as mentioned above, more insight into each prospect helps sales close deals more easily.

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Managing Deals and the Pipeline

Sales management software helps reps manage the entire buying cycle, from leads to deals, and from quotes to invoices. All of a rep’s deals are stored in the system and easily accessible. Plus, sales managers can check in at any time to see how deals are coming along. Some sales CRM solutions offer predictive analytics, custom deal tracks, and added features that make this even easier. Learn more about how Agile CRM’s deals functionality could help you. Then, some sales CRMs take it further and even offer e-documents and electronic contract signing, which helps reduce the burden of the contract and invoicing process on both sales reps and customers alike. Learn more about that here.

Customer Satisfaction

Sales management software also helps drive increased customer retention by boosting customer satisfaction. The personalized approach to communication that it provides helps customers feel valued. Tasks and reminders help ensure that reps don’t neglect to contact customers at the times they committed to, ensuring customers are never left hanging.

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The Customer Experience

It’s uncommon, but some sales CRMs are part of a larger solution that also provides customer support capabilities, such as Agile CRM’s help desk feature set. If you have a solution like this, you also get features such as customer support ticketing, dedicated help desk groups, and customer support metrics that help deliver a superior customer experience. And the best thing about solutions like these is that because all of that data is tied back to a central contact database, you get even more insight into customer behavior patterns, and their likes and dislikes.

The Bottom Line

If you don’t have a sales CRM in place, now is the time to start looking. We’ve come to the point that you really can’t be competitive without one. You’ll have to evaluate your options, and there are a great many out there. You will want to look for the best ROI available, especially for small businesses. You can buy a simple CRM, or you can look for one that provides end-to- end CRM, sales, marketing and customer support capabilities to maximize the value you receive. It’s a little-known secret that Agile CRM provides all of this for free. No wonder so many small businesses Choose Agile to drive sustained revenue growth.

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