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Increase sales leads with Agile Email Finder

In order to build an appropriate list of leads and prospects to target, your sales team needs to first find their email addresses. Often, direct email addresses for contacts aren’t listed—you’ll frequently find businesses with something like contact@businessname.com posted, which doesn’t allow for any personalization. A scenario like that might cause a company to purchase a lead list instead of prospecting.

To add to that, your sales team needs information that can be acted on in bulk. Sales teams also need to be able to automate as many processes as possible with that data—email campaigns are a great example. Unfortunately, this can create a counterintuitive situation where reps are forced to enter data manually so the information can be used in automated tasks later. Manually entered contact information is tedious and prone to human error.

There’s a better way. Agile CRM’s Email Finder is the solution

How It Works

Agile CRM’s software combs through sites and discovers email addresses by using three important pieces of data: A contact’s last name, first name and the domain URL. It filters through possible business addresses using predictive patterns from mail server results. The program does the work for you and your sales team instead of having a rep do manual guesswork. Say goodbye to stumbling around and sending cold emails that might or might not even reach the intended recipient.

The email finder does all this and more from within your CRM, too. Sales reps no longer need to bounce between multiple platforms to get information. It’s far more efficient, saves time and doesn’t tax your teams with mundane work. Few things are worse than a frustrated or bored sales rep who either isn’t paying attention to the information they’re importing into the system or one who gets it wrong. Agile CRM’s email finder avoids this situation.

Easy Setup

Agile CRM’s email finder tool can import contacts from platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and CSV files—even if you’re not using Agile CRM. You can still add the standalone program to your company’s customer relationship management platform, though we highly recommend using Agile CRM for a variety of reasons like outstanding contact management, marketing support and live help desk.

Getting the software up and running is easy:

Let the Software and the Widgets do the work

Like all Agile CRM products, Agile Email Finder tool allows for a great deal of modular convenience, specifically when it comes to prospecting on LinkedIn and Twitter. Widgets are key here.

When your sales reps are hunting for leads on LinkedIn and they find a match, they can quickly import that contact to their CRM with the LinkedIn widget. It’s a snap. Your rep will get a prompt to add the website of the contact, and the software will dig through the data to find the relevant email address for them.

It works the same way on Twitter. The widget keeps teams aware of what is needed and when to ensure that the right data goes into the CRM.

Agile email finder tool beautifully simplifies prospecting. Sales reps don’t have to spend any more time than necessary locating contact information and entering it into their CRM, and that information becomes available to everyone on the team. With that data, sales reps can then automate their email campaigns and bulk duties.

The single best aspect of the software is that it increases the number and quality of the leads your sales team can find—all because of something as frequently overlooked as a proper email address. Getting the email address right is what allows your reps to build relationships and flip leads into customers. More customers means more success for your business.

In reality, you cannot afford to not use the Agile Email Finder, and there’s no reason not to. As we have mentioned, you don’t even need to be running Agile CRM to take advantage of this fantastic tool. So what are you waiting for?

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FREE for 10 Users. No credit card required.