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Gmail CRM Integration

Streamlined communication tracking and contact management

With the Agile CRM Gmail integration, you can track your Gmail emails in the CRM, access contacts from both applications, update and manage Agile CRM contacts from Gmail, and more. It provides you with loads of CRM Gmail tools, making it the best CRM for Gmail users.

Key Features

Track Gmail Conversations in Agile CRM

Once linked to your Agile CRM account, you can send emails from your Gmail account and they are all tracked in the CRM. Keep track of email opens, clicks, and more.

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Timeline View

Navigate to any contact in Agile CRM and view every email that was sent to that contact on Agile CRM’s contact timeline—part of Agile CRM’s 360-degree contact view. You get quick and easy access to a chronological view of every email sent.

Two-Way Contact Sync

With the Gmail CRM plugin, you can access all your contacts from both systems in either Gmail or Agile CRM. The sync happens automatically at set time intervals. Or, you can customize the sync to take place as often as you wish.

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Advantages of Integration

Managing Contacts from Gmail

You can add new CRM contacts to your Gmail account and they sync back to Agile CRM—and vice versa. You can also add or edit contact scores, add tags, update deals, and add notes to contacts directly from your Gmail account.

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Streamlined Communication

Say goodbye to the need to switch back and forth between two applications to manage your communications and contacts. Gmail CRM integration saves you time that can be dedicated to higher value tasks.

Coordinating Contact Campaign Membership

Check in on the campaigns that your Google contacts are members of. Add contacts to new campaigns. Remove contacts from existing campaigns. All from within your Gmail account with Gmail CRM integration.

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How to Set Up Gmail CRM Integration

Integrating your Gmail account with your Agile CRM instance is simple and quick. Just follow the steps in this video and you’ll be all set:

Additional Information on Gmail CRM Set Up

If you need additional help or information on how to set up the Gmail CRM integration, check out the Google gadget setup guide.

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