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As GDPR Approaches, Compliance takes front-seat at Agile CRM

European Union's [EU] announcement of GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation] has been on on the cards for a while now and it is slated to be implemented with effect from May 25, 2018. According to the GDPR act, all business located within the EU as well as businesses dealing with customers in the EU will have to look at compliant methods in dealing with EU consumer/customer data. Though the effects fo GDPR have been looked upon as far-reaching, compliance is mandatory. Additionally data storage pertaining to the data in consideration should be stored in a data centre within the EU. Agile CRM is consistent with GDPR act and is committed to comply with the same, in addition to helping customers stay compliant with the said regulations, once they come into force.

Our Commitment to GDPR-readiness

At Agile CRM, we take a two-pronged approach to the meet the deadline of GDPR enactment. First, customers come first, and we firmly believe in their right to data privacy and protection. So, GDPR only deepens our commitment to data protection and we have already implemented the requisite security requirements.

Second, we continuously refer to and keep track of changes in the GDPR implementation policy and presently, we are working towards upgrading our legal agreements, practices, policies, and features to ensure compliance. The next few weeks, you can expect to receive updates on our GDPR-readiness status. Additionally, we will also be sending a few pointers to help you understand and enforce the compliance obligations required for your business within Agile CRM.

Preparations for GDPR and Implications

With over 13,000 users across North America, South America, Europe, United Kingdom, Asia, Australia, Agile CRM is gearing up to become complaint to GDPR by May 25, 2018. As a data processor for the European Union users, we are committed to remain compliant with the upcoming regulation. We have our technical, security, and legal teams making necessary changes to the Agile CRM service and documentation to help you meet your obligations and store EU data.

Step 1: Currently, We are analysing and documenting the personal data collection, usage, storage, and transfer policies. Depending on the quantity and breadth of personal data we store, we are further conducting an internal data audit. As GDPR requires data processors to maintain records of the personal data store and data processing activities, we are bracing ourselves to meet that criteria before deadline. We are updating records of data controller, categories of processing activities, information regarding data transfers, and general security measures.

Step 2: GDPR guidelines state that the users are liable to know what is happening to their data. As a data processor, Agile’s primary role is to keep this data available to the customers so they can manage and protect it. We are finding ways to make product as well as process enhancements without compromising on the performance, to provide better transparency to our customers.

Step 3: As data processors, we are required to ensure the security of customers’ personal data and requires us to notify data breaches to the data controllers. We, first ensure that data is not lost at any cost, and further take necessary compliance actions to meet the regulation demands.

As customers and trusted partners, we are looking forward to want to make the transition to GDPR compliance as seamless as possible, so that we ‘together’ meet the requirements. If you collect the personal data of European Union residents, you are liable to remain compliant to the GDPR regulations. We recommend you to seek necessary help or hire a data processing officer (DPO), if you think necessary.

Should you be GDPR-Ready?

If you work with customers in the EU or if you are located in the EU, GDPR compliance in mandatory. We foresee that the GDPR act is a precursor to many other acts that may come up in the future, given the privacy concerns and data breaches that ravage the space.

However, GDPR readiness is a call you will need to take as an independent business. You can find more information on GDPR compliance and readiness here

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