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Auto Dialer

Agile CRM’s dialing software provides your sales team with an auto dialer that lets them reach more prospects in less time. Simply select multiple contacts based on system fields and the auto dialer dials them automatically one-by-one.

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Voicemail Drops

With automated voicemail drops, you can record a voice message, use your CRM to segment out a target group of recipients, and leave that voice message for everyone in the segment with just a few clicks. Or, when you reach someone’s voicemail, the system will leave your recorded message so you don’t have to.

Call Recording

A user-friendly interface makes it easy to enable call recording features and record any call with a click of the mouse. Use the dialing software to place a call, then with a click, the system records it and stores the file in the CRM for later reference.

Live Chat Window

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Call Scripts

On-screen call scripts let you improve the accuracy and consistency of your phone conversations. You can choose to provide your team with the entire script you want to them to recite, including every word you want relayed to the prospect. Or, provide simple talking points and let your reps fill in the blanks in a more conversational tone.

Call Notes

Use Agile’s dialing software to place a call, then, while you’re speaking, you can take notes, and following the call all of those notes are attached to that contact’s record in the CRM. You do all of this from Agile CRM, meaning you don’t have to switch between screens while speaking on the phone.

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