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Provide superior customer service and maintain satisfied customers over the long term.

Customer Support Groups

Segment out help desk groups of customers and the associated customer support reps that assist them into silos so that only reps experienced with those customers’ products are tasked with supporting them.

Live Chat Window

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Live Chat Windows

Agile CRM is considered the best customer service chat software available. As soon as a customer arrives on your site, a live chat window pops up and gives them the ability to solicit assistance immediately.

Integrated Telephony

Customer service software call center capabilities and telephony integrations give your customer support team the ability to manage their calls from within the same system as everything else. Record calls, enter call notes, check call histories, automate voicemail drops, and more.

Customer Reports

mutiple chat windows

Service Level Agreements

Service level agreement functionality is one reason that Agile CRM is great customer service software for small business. They let you set clear expectations for your support team and your customers, providing clarity around what customers can expect and giving your support team goals to work toward.


Customer support workflows help you automate the routine administration of incoming tickets and the process that moves them through to resolution. Use workflows to set priority, status, route incoming tickets and ensure your SLAs are met.

Customer Reports

mutiple chat windows

Canned Responses

Use canned responses to prepackage numerous email responses to commonly asked questions and route them out in an instant when a common question comes in, freeing up time for your support team.


Keep your finger on the pulse of how your customer support team is performing by tracking metrics such as tickets closed, average time to resolve issues, live chats closed, and more.

Customer Reports

Create Ticket

Help Desk Ticketing

Agile CRM’s customer service ticketing system, complete with ticket labeling, lets you organize incoming customer support issues and maintain rapid response times. Maintain satisfied customers by giving them various ways to reach out to your support team, and streamline the ticket creation process for your reps.

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