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A solid customer relationship management (CRM) solution helps small businesses and enterprise-level companies alike to better manage customer outreach, nurture customer relationships, close more deals and drive revenue growth. The best solutions also provide CRM apps that let you manage all of this on the go. Agile CRM provides mobile access for the dynamic workforce, allowing companies to manage relationships anytime, from anywhere. Let’s dig into some of the features available on mobile CRM applications.

Contact Management

It’s easy to manage your contact relationships on the go when you can reference and update contact information from your mobile device. With Agile’s mobile CRM app, you can add tags, change lead scores, write notes and check tasks related to your contacts, directly from your mobile device. You can also sync your changes automatically and they will be immediately reflected in your contact database for all to see. Learn more about contact management.

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Mobile Task Management

Agile’ mobile CRM app can act as your personal assistant, keeping you caught up at all times. It lets you easily check pending tasks, mark tasks as complete, and create new tasks and events. If you travel a lot for work and need to continue to work as you go, the Agile mobile CRM app lets you stay on top of your pending to-do list while on the move. Learn more about Agile CRM’s task and project management features.

Mobile Dashboard

Agile CRM gives you the ability to check in on important metrics on a mobile dashboard. With access to recently viewed contacts, deals and upcoming tasks, Agile's streamlined mobile CRM app dashboard helps you increase sales and track, tag and convert more leads. You can also change your app settings from the dashboard, so you never miss a sale.

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Deal Management

Dynamic salespeople need to strike when the iron is hot, and sometimes that means moving their deals through the pipeline during their leisure time. With Agile’s mobile CRM applications, you can track deals, move relevant milestones, check ongoing deals, and get a clear, real-time picture of your business process with your leads, directly from the mobile CRM app. Learn more about deal management.

Mobile Appointment Scheduling

Among the most convenient features offered as part of Agile’s mobile CRM apps is online appointment scheduling. The idea is pretty simple: either using your Agile CRM calendar, or a third-party calendar you have synched with Agile CRM, you first select the time slots when you are available. Then you share a link to your calendar—send it via email or post it to social media—and customers and prospects can select the time slots they want and book their own meetings with you, at their convenience. Learn more about online appointment scheduling.

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Contract and Proposal Management

Agile CRM provides access to e-documents and proposals via its mobile CRM apps. Use e-docs and proposals to streamline your document processing and expedite the contract and proposal process. If a prospect messages you, telling you they want to move forward with that contract you had pitched to them, you can route it out via the mobile CRM apps. You can also customize your e-docs to meet the exact needs of your organization so you can spend more time driving revenue and less on document administration. Learn more about e-docs and proposals.

Mobile Reporting and Metrics

It’s easy to keep your finger on the pulse of your efforts with mobile reporting and metrics. Check in on growth reports, cohort and funnel analysis, status of the pipeline, and more. Gain insight into the results of ongoing sales campaigns, right from your mobile device. Agile’s mobile CRM apps let you know how your team is doing at all times. Learn more about CRM reporting.

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Mobile Sales Gamification

Agile CRM’s sales gamification capabilities are a great way to ramp up collaboration and competition between your sales reps. Salespeople are competitive by nature, and nothing helps raise the level of their efforts like a little friendly competition. It will help drive faster deal closure, and in turn, increased revenue growth. Reps can check how they are doing against the competition from their mobile device. Learn more about sales gamification.

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