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Accelerate sales and marketing while browsing the web

The popular Agile CRM Chrome Extension accelerates the lead capture process and helps you keep tabs on tasks, deals and contacts. Features include an automated contact clipper for LinkedIn and Facebook leads, sales and project management, contact search and contact sync with your Agile CRM account, including "last emailed" and "last contacted" data. Increase productivity with the Chrome Extension, while keeping your entire team up-to-date.

And don't forget about email marketing. Our free Chrome Extension is also an email powerhouse. It turns your web-based email into a powerful sales and marketing tool with email templates, email tracking and real-time notifications about email opens and link clicks. Use the Agile CRM add-on in your Chrome browser today!

Install the Agile CRM Chrome Extension

Email & Link Tracking

Enable email and link tracking. Get custom real-time alerts.

Task View

Our Chrome button keeps you informed about upcoming tasks with task types and priority levels.

Sales Management

Add Leads, Tasks & Deals to your Agile CRM account directly from any web page.

Lead Capture

Instantly add contact details to the CRM from any web page. Plus an automated contact clipper for LinkedIn and Facebook!

Email Templates

Add email templates from your Agile CRM account to your emails while composing them in your web mail client.

Contact Search

Search your CRM contacts while browsing the web. Increase conversions with real-time contact data.

fetch contact info

Extract Contact Details

Our Contact Clipper makes lead capture as easy as point-and-click. Automatically add contact details to the CRM from LinkedIn and Facebook pages using the 'Fetch' button in Agile's Chrome Extension. Plus, you can add new contacts and fill in relevant details while browsing the web or using web mail.

Email and Link Tracking Notifications

Get invaluable real-time notifications, directly in the browser. Customize your notification preferences in the CRM, then get real-time alerts about web activity, email opens, link clicks and more.

email and link tracking notifications

tasks to-do

Upcoming Tasks

Keep tabs on your upcoming tasks while browsing the web. The Chrome Extension pulls your tasks from your Agile CRM account in real time, along with tasks types and due dates. High priority tasks are marked with a red exclamation point.

Add Leads, Tasks and Deals

Adding Leads, Tasks and Deals to the CRM is a streamlined process with Agile's Chrome plugin. Add details and set priority levels the instant a new lead, task or deal is on your mind.

leads tasks and deals

search contacts

Search Contacts

Search for contacts in the CRM instantly from any web page in your Chrome browser. Know exactly where your Agile contacts stand in the sales and marketing process.

Email Templates & Tracking

Agile CRM offers a wide range of email templates for small businesses. You can customize these templates, plus save new emails as templates for future use. The Chrome Extension lets you use these templates directly in Gmail, and you can even track any emails sent while using the Extension! It's that easy.

email templates in crm chrome extension

Setting up the Agile CRM Chrome Extension

1. Install the Agile CRM Chrome Extension

Search for the Agile CRM Chrome Extension in Chrome Extensions. Install the extension and reload the Chrome web page.

Chrome Extension Setup, Step-1
Chrome Extension Setup, Step-2

2. Create your free Agile CRM account

After installation, the plugin page shows up. If you already have an Agile CRM account, move on to Step 3. If you don't already have an Agile account, you can create one now.

3. Enter Domain Name and API Key

Enter your Agile domain name and API key in the fields shown. (To find your API key, login to your Agile account and go to Admin Settings-->API & Analytics-->API Key.) Next, click 'Submit'. Upon successful verification, an Agile CRM icon is displayed in Chrome. Click on the icon to start using the extension.

Chrome Extension Setup, Step-3
Install the Agile CRM Chrome Extension

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