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Campaign Management

Automate sales and multichannel marketing campaigns, process leads, and analyze your results.

With Agile CRM’s campaign management feature set, you can easily create automated campaigns for a variety of different purposes. Essentially, campaigns are automated workflows that you set up to determine a set of specified actions that you want to be automated by Agile CRM, combined with transition points between those actions that determine when and how each action takes place. Agile’s campaign management tools allow you to automate a great deal of the work involved in engaging prospects and customers.

Drag and Drop Interface

Agile’s intuitive drag and drop campaign manager allows you to easily and quickly create campaign workflows that can be as complex or as simple as you wish. You’ll see a number of campaign nodes in the campaign builder. These are actions or queries that you drop into your campaign that will determine how one step continues to the next. Campaign nodes include email sends, wait steps, lead scores, and queries such as: did the lead click on the email, or did the lead visit a certain web page.

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Email Campaigns

Use Agile’s campaign management tools for email marketing campaign automation. Select the emails you wish to send, insert the time you want the system to wait between each email, and select the criteria for your campaign member list. Then turn it on and the system does the rest. Include as many emails as you want in your email campaign. It’s a great way to manage you B2C or B2B email marketing efforts.

Multichannel Campaigns

You can effortlessly create complex, multichannel marketing campaigns. With so many campaign nodes to choose from, you can generate campaigns that leverage email sends, SMS text messaging, automatic social media posts, landing pages, web forms and more. Streamlining your multichannel campaign management will allow you to focus more on measuring results and refining your approach as you move forward.

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Lead Processing

With so many built-in automation features, processing leads as part of your marketing and sales campaign management efforts is a breeze. Use campaigns to score leads as they move through the funnel, mark them as marketing qualified and pass them over to sales, send alerts and tasks to sales for immediate follow up, and add qualification and other tags to leads as they flow through your pipeline.

Automated Deal Creation

Use Agile’s campaign management tools to automatically create a new deal once a lead becomes qualified and moves to sales. Use campaign nodes to add deal milestones, assign the deal to a specific owner, set the deal source so that the correct lead generating tactic gets credit for creating the deal, and more. This all gets tracked back to the campaign you are running, making analysis and measurement of results easier than ever.

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Newsletter Campaigns

If you send recurring email newsletters to your prospects and/or customers, you can set up a campaign to manage this as well. Let’s say you send your newsletter every two months—you can set up a campaign that will send every one of those newsletters for a year or more. You will just need to update the campaign email node with the name of your new newsletter each time you create one, and the campaign will continue to run until it’s exhausted all of its sends.

Add Tags and Notes

As you move through any campaign, you may want to update your campaign contacts with notes or tags that reflect actions they have taken, such as becoming marketing qualified, opting out of your campaign, or clicking through to certain high value content pieces. All you need to do is include a campaign node that adds a tag or a note, and each time someone completes the specified action, that note or tag will get appended to the contact in question.

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Add Contacts to Live Campaigns

If you have a drip marketing campaign, or other campaign that’s ongoing over a long period of time, you can add a campaign node that pulls new contacts into that campaign. For example, if you have an ongoing drip campaign that spans the course of a few months, you may want to add new leads to that campaign when they subscribe to your newsletter. When that action takes place, the campaign will automatically pull them in and they will start at the beginning of your campaign flow, following the same steps and cadence as everyone else that has run through it before them.

Campaign Reporting and Analytics

As your campaign progresses, you will likely want to check in periodically to see how things are coming along. With Agile CRM’s campaign reporting and analysis features, you can do so in a matter of minutes. Simply navigate to the campaign in question and click the reporting icon to display campaign metrics such as emails opened, email links clicked, email bounces, unsubscribes, and spam complaints related to the campaign. You can view campaign report data in a chronological timeline view, and drill down into individual metrics for a more granular view. Campaign reporting provides you with actionable insight that helps you continually improve upon your results.

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