Best Scheduling Software - Appointment Scheduler

Best Scheduling Software - Appointment Scheduler

Increase efficiency, scheduling accuracy, and internal organization.

Streamlined Appointment Scheduler

You select the time slots when you are available. Then send a link to your online calendar to prospects or customers. They select the time slot that’s most convenient for them and book it themselves. That time slot then shows as full in your calendar, and the appointment scheduler sends an automated confirmation to your contact.

Streamlined Appointment Scheduler

Best Scheduling Software - Calendar

Share Your Calendar

With a link to your online calendar, it’s easy to share it with your contacts. Put a link to your calendar in your email signature, share it on social media, or send it directly to anyone who wants to schedule an appoint with you. This makes it the best scheduling software for easing the burden on your contacts.

Align All Your Calendars

You can integrate Agile CRM’s appointment scheduler with your Google, Outlook and Office 365 calendars, among others. Appointments booked through one are reflected across them all, eliminating the need to switch between calendars and update each one manually with appointments from the others.

Best Scheduling Software - Multiple Calendars

Automated Appointment Scheduler

Automate the Entire Process

Because all you have to do is select your open time slots, and then the system does the rest, you save loads of time previously spent administering your calendar. You can spend that time on higher valued tasks, making Agile CRM the best scheduling software for improving internal efficiency.

Collaborative Group Scheduling

Use the appointment scheduler to generate a link that syncs your calendar with those of your colleagues so that contacts can book appointments with the entire group. This takes significant amounts of time out of trying to coordinate group meetings, making it the best appointment scheduling software for cross-departmental collaboration.

Best Scheduling Software - Collaborative Group Scheduling

Best Scheduling Software - Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Agile CRM’s appointment scheduler doubles as a lead generation mechanism. When you put your calendar link on social media, or on your public website, prospects can book appointments with you. In the process, you capture their information and add a new contact to your lead database.

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