A/B Testing

A/B Testing Software

Design and analyze the email message that resonates the most and increase the results of your email marketing.

Ab Testing Features

Generate Higher Open Rates

With Agile CRM’s A/B testing, you can test two different subject lines for the same email to see which one generates the best open rate, and thus which one resonates more with your audience. The system sends both to a test group, measures performance, then sends the better one to the rest of the list.

A/B Testing: Higher Open Rates

A/B testing: Boost Your Click Through Rate

Boost Your Click Through Rate

You can also use A/B testing to try out two different bodies for your email. The system will measure which of the two produces the better click through rate, allowing you to determine which one engages your audience more and stick with that.

Test Different Images

Can’t decide on which image will be the most effective in your email? No problem! Test two different images and measure them the way you want. We recommend measuring click through rate to determine which image grabs the audience’s attention the most.

A/B Testing Different Images

A/B testing performance improvement

Ongoing Performance Improvement

When you can keep your finger on the pulse of how your emails are performing, with A/B testing, you can engage in continual performance improvement. Don’t just test once and be done with it. Rather, keep testing to finely-tune your email marketing approach.

Automate the Whole Process

A/B testing does not require lots of manual work. On the contrary—you can set the criteria you want to measure around a specific set of emails, and sit back while marketing automation does the rest. This leaves you to focus on higher-valued tasks like building strategy and generating new leads.

A/B Testing Automation

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