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UcaDO Increases Productivity by 100% with Agile CRM

UcaDO is a UK-based technology company that delivers a mobile app that facilitates the buying, selling and renting of real estate. Their app allows potential buyers, sellers, renters and lettors to bypass the need for an agent by connecting them directly through the app. Users can search their area based on the criteria they want to sort by, find potential buyers or sellers, and view properties all from within the app. Plus, their app is free and doesn’t charge a commission, which provides major value to users.

Based out of London, UcaDO is a new business. They have a need to grow rapidly as they plan to expand into new markets outside of the UK. They monetize their app through paid advertising by trusted solution providers (TSPs), i.e., those who offer services that buyers and sellers need through the buying process—such as home inspectors, lawyers, photographers, and floor plan drawing specialist. TSPs are UcaDO’s prospects and customers.

"  Since implementing Agile CRM with RingCentral, we are able to make twice as many calls to our prospects each day, essentially doubling our productivity"
Tim Mayneord - Chief Technology Officer, UcaDO

As a start-up, UcaDO realized that to grow at the rate they wanted; they needed a way to streamline their outreach to prospects—both via telephone and email. They also needed to maintain highly organized records of all the interactions taking place. And they knew they couldn’t get there without software to automate processes and boost efficiency.

The Challenge

To sell advertising space to TSPs, UcaDO runs its own call center so that their sales reps can call prospects and pitch the idea. However, the high volume of calls needed to drive the growth they were aiming for was not possible without the right technology in place to facilitate the rapid dialing and processing of calls.

First, they needed a customer relationship management (CRM) system to store and keep track of all their prospects and customers. Second, they needed an advanced telephony application to expedite the dialing process and keep the cost of all those calls to a minimum. Tim Mayneord is the CTO of UcaDO, so he is highly involved in the decision-making process around which software solutions the company implements.

“Other CRM and VoIP solutions that I had used in the past were not working for me,” said Tim. “Part of my decision-making process was to ensure that we had an intuitive CRM with a solid VoIP integration.” That need is what led them to evaluate Agile CRM and its integration with RingCentral.

The Solution

Tim ultimately decided that only Agile CRM and RingCentral could provide the capabilities needed to drive the company’s growth. They implemented the systems in early 2018 for a team of 18 users. However, they didn’t just run blindly into their implementation and integration of the two systems. Tim strategically planned out the implementation in stages to ensure his team fully understood and could use the systems to their fullest capacity.

“Planning is very important,” said Tim. “When you set out to implement an automation, the key is to plan everything out in advance. It’s very easy to get an automation wrong because you miss a few steps. Plan the rollout of individual features in the system. Start with the end in mind and work towards it.”

An experienced CTO, Tim knew exactly what he was talking about. His team is now fully operational in Agile CRM and is utilizing the RingCentral integration all day long. They are automating tasks that would otherwise be done manually, leveraging Agile CRM’s email marketing capabilities, using system tags for prospect segmentation, and a lot more. They are quite satisfied with their choice of vendors. “Once everything was set up, everything has worked perfectly,” said Tim.

The Result

A few months after implementing Agile CRM and integrating it with RingCentral, Tim and his team are seeing incredible results. Key among those outcomes is the fact that his team can make many more prospect calls than they could before. “Since implementing Agile CRM with RingCentral, we are able to make twice as many calls to our prospects each day, essentially doubling our productivity,” said Tim. That is impressive, and clearly one of the reasons Tim knew in the beginning that UcaDO needed technology to fuel its growth. In addition to doubling their productivity over the course of a few months, Tim and the UcaDO team are finding value in other features of Agile CRM. They use system tags to segment out their prospects geographically. That means when they bring in a new list of leads, those leads automatically get routed to the appropriate sales rep for outreach.

As soon as a new list of leads comes into the system, those leads get automatically routed into an ongoing drip email nurturing campaign that consists of five emails. And because each new lead has been assigned to a sales rep based on geographical location, a workflow they set up triggers a task to alert the rep of the new leads they must call. Once the calls are made, at least one or two of those nurturing emails has already gone out, warming up the prospect so they will be more receptive to the phone call.

They also leverage Agile CRM’s automated follow up emails so that a personalized message is automatically sent to each prospect after each call. Notes are taken during the call, which are stored in Agile CRM and can be referenced later as needed. After the call, the rep enters the outcome of the conversation, and based on an Agile CRM trigger they have in place, the system automatically knows which email to send as a follow-up. This entire process is automated and takes place in the background, while the rep is already on another call.

Additionally, UcaDO is utilizing Agile CRM’s lead scoring capabilities to prioritize which leads are the hottest and need to be called first. Someone who is opening their emails and clicking through to their landing pages would have a higher score than someone who has been unresponsive. This allows the reps to know who to call and who to wait on. They are now tracking metrics around their call outcomes as well, such as minutes on each call, call results, etc. to gain insight into which tactics are working and where there is room for improvement.

"  Agile CRM and RingCentral have afforded me the ability to utilize my time in a more productive way and think more strategically about how to grow our business."
Tim Mayneord - Chief Technology Officer, UcaDO

Tim and the UcaDO team continue to thrive using Agile CRM in tandem with RingCentral. They have plans to expand into the US market next, then continue to grow, with the end goal of generating a global presence. Those are ambitious plans, but the team has everything in place to achieve them. Part of that lies in the extra time Tim and his fellow decision makers have now freed up by automating their process.

“I now have more time to ensure things are followed up upon in a timely manner, and I’m staying up to date on where we are with the tasks at hand to ensure they are completed on time,” said Tim. “Agile CRM and RingCentral have afforded me the ability to utilize my time in a more productive way and think more strategically about how to grow our business.”

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