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MVP Legal Solutions: Case Study

MVP Legal Solutions, based in the metro DC area, is a legal consultancy that helps solo and small law firms compete with BigLaw. It was founded in 2012. They provide a variety of services, including coaching, consulting, technology implementation, and support. They have clients across the country and consistently help them succeed through the use of technology that streamlines processes and allows them to maximize their billable hours.

Their primary service is a firm audit, in which they comb through every portion of the client’s practice and give an audit report with recommendations on how to improve in certain areas. They also recommend technology solutions to clients, then assist those clients with implementing those solutions to ensure they are using them successfully.

"What makes Agile CRM so effective is that everything is in one place. This means I no longer have to switch between multiple screens throughout the day. Plus, now I have one source of data truth as everything takes place in the same system."
Vanessa Pierre - Owner, MVP Legal Solutions

However, according to Vanessa Pierre, owner of MVP Legal Solutions, “Our clients were finding that they were spending too many non-billable hours on administration, which was limiting their ability to maximize billable hours.” This was hampering their ability to grow and compete.

The Challenge

Vanessa knew she needed to use a customer relationship management (CRM) system to drive growth and better support her clients. She tried many, but none of them were intuitive, and adoption rates were very low. Plus, other CRMs nickel and dimed her for additional services. Moreover, because they were not all-in-one CRMs with complete sales, marketing, and support automation, she and her clients had to purchase additional solutions to accomplish those functions. This meant spending more money, having data in separate databases, and constantly switching between apps throughout the day to get the job done.

All of that affected MVP’s productivity, which ate into the time they could spend supporting their clients. Having to complete so many functions manually was killing efficiency. Plus, without a marketing automation solution in place, most of their new clients were coming from word-of-mouth recommendations. Vanessa knew she needed a solution to resolve these issues and let her focus more on where her passion truly lies: empowering solo and small law firms to be competitive against large firms with more resources.

The Solution

By chance, Vanessa heard about Agile CRM. She was immediately intrigued by the fact that it offered so many solutions on a single platform. That alone had the potential to increase productivity and improve her ability to support her clients. So, she decided to give it a try and instantly found that it was highly intuitive and easy to use.

She quickly realized that having an all-in-one CRM was the answer to her problems. “What makes Agile CRM so effective is that everything is in one place,” said Vanessa. “This means I no longer have to switch between multiple screens throughout the day. Plus, now I have one source of data truth as everything takes place in the same system.”

She is also benefiting from Agile CRM’s open API and various integrations with third-party applications. This makes her day even easier, as, in addition to the features provided out of the box in Agile CRM, she can integrate with third-party applications to complete even more actions without having to leave her CRM.

The Result

After using Agile CRM for a few months, Vanessa is in love with the system. She is recommending it to her clients whenever she sees that it is a good fit for their needs. And her clients who are implementing Agile CRM are seeing their own productivity increase while achieving more with less. “We have seen 100% adoption of Agile CRM among our clients,” said Vanessa. That is fairly unheard of and is in large part due to Vanessa and her team supporting their clients through the implementation of the system.

Agile CRM provides onboarding training. However, the use case of a legal firm is quite unique, and MVP’s assistance during the implementation process makes a significant difference in how successful their clients are using the solution. “Our clients are happier than they have ever been, now that they are using Agile CRM,” said Vanessa.

She loves the fact that everything is tracked back to one source of data truth. MVP is now tracking emails, web activity, and a lot more. This is giving them greater insight into prospects, allowing them to close deals faster, and spend more time supporting their clients.

They now leverage Agile CRM’s landing pages to vet potential clients and segment them into groups of similar law practices. This ensures each client receives the specialized support they need. They also use the RingCentral telephony integration to expedite their calling process through the Agile CRM interface.

Both MVP and the clients they support have become more successful through the automation of tasks, the use of system tags to segment clients, email marketing, and many additional capabilities provided in Agile CRM. “I plan to eventually use every feature in the system,” said Vanessa, who has only been using the system for a few months but is already seeing impressive results.

"We have seen 100% adoption of Agile CRM among our clients… Our clients are happier than they have ever been, now that they are using Agile CRM."
Vanessa Pierre - Owner, MVP Legal Solutions

Vanessa and team are highly satisfied with Agile CRM, but not primarily because it is helping them make more money. She founded MVP Legal Solutions with an objective in mind: “We empower solo and small firms to adequately compete with BigLaw by providing consulting, coaching, technology, and support solutions,” says Vanessa. To her delight, Agile CRM is helping her realize that, which is a personal dream of hers.

“Many lawyers go into law because they want to support a cause, or simply do something altruistic in the community to help out those who can’t afford the services,” said Vanessa. “Our mission is to inspire and empower the modern-day attorney to build successful law firms and reconnect with their passion to serve. So, I made it my purpose to help elevate them to a level where they really can compete.” Agile CRM has empowered her to do that, which is why she continues to recommend it to her clients and support them to be successful using the system.

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