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Case Study / SaaS / ClicData

ClicData is a leading provider of cloud-based dashboard systems. This intuitive cloud-based solution was designed to improve business efficiency through better reporting. It offers everything from cloud-based integrated data warehousing with data history management to drag-and-drop dashboard design that gets businesses up and running in minutes.

ClicData adopted Agile CRM to easily grow their sales team and train the new team members within a short period. Within a few months of this adoption, ClicData had increased the productivity for their sales team and automated their marketing activities.

"  By far Agile CRM is the best marketing automation and sales cloud based system around."
Telmo Silva - CEO, ClicData

Workflow Challenge

It was imperative for the ClicData sales team that they be able to reach out to all their prospects seamlessly within a clearly defined time period. The challenge was that prospects were not being tracked clearly, and reaching out to prospects was a manual task. The process, at that time, involved manual approach for tracking and reaching out to customers.

Further, the sales and marketing activities were distinct and without cohesion, and as a cloud application provider they wanted their CRM to integrate easily with their cloud application and avoid unnecessary information or data leaks.

Agile Solution

ClicData considered several sales and marketing automation products before they ultimately selected Agile CRM based on its all-in-one, and next-generation functionality that is coupled with integrations and ease-of-use.

The Campaigns feature in Agile CRM helped ClicData with the automation of the sales and marketing process. The sales reps were able to track activities of each prospect with ease, and they effortlessly followed up with the prospects in an efficient and timely manner. Agile CRM’s extensive API helped their business to create a seamless integration with their tool, allowing them to sync all the information they needed into the CRM system.

The company now has moved from a basic nurturing to “advanced nurturing” with vast campaigns to launch relevant, nuanced and targeted content as and when the prospect shows interest in their service. This allows ClicData to further smooth the process of lead segmentation and send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Top Benefits

The onboarding and learning experience with Agile CRM has been a time saver for ClicData. For them, the campaign feature, ability to create custom dashboard widgets, and integration with external applications have been the most important Agile CRM features for the company.

"  We have had a really good experience with Agile CRM. It fits perfectly in our sales model and has been perfect with the continuous improvements and integrations from Agile’s team."
Shree Neve - Sales Director, ClicData

By using Agile CRM, ClicData says it has gained deep, actionable insights that enable precise measurement of campaigns that are most valuable in terms of sales closures. Additionally, they now have a better understanding of what is necessary to transform prospects into customers. This has improved deal flow and enabled the company to move prospects through the buying cycle faster.

In fact, the company has increased the lead follow-up rate by 90 percent and improved sales conversion by 30 percent compared to the same period last year as a result of Agile CRM adoption. All generated leads now are followed up within a day or two because of the automation features within Agile CRM. Their ability to measure ROI has dramatically improved with Agile CRM, too, allowing their sales and marketing efforts to take a leadership role in driving higher revenues.

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