Legal and Case Intake Automation – 4 Effective Ways With Agile CRM

Legal and Case Intake Automation – 4 Effective Ways With Agile CRM

It all started with an initiative we undertook to reach out to and speak candidly with customers to gain their feedback on how Agile CRM can help legal practices grow and thrive with automation.

I took the initiative to call one of our customers who just started using our most recent addition to Agile CRM: our RingCentral telephony widget.

The call started with discussions about RingCentral functionalities and we gradually moved on to other new features like LinkedIn integration and our email finder, which struck a positive chord with a customer about how it can benefit him to find qualified leads.

And then the customer came up with a request about his current business, where he mentioned that they loved Agile CRM and wanted to sync contacts into Agile. But they were also using LegalRuler and paying them $400/month for three users.

With LegalRuler API information provided by the customer, I started digging more into its features and it turned out that, Agile CRM not only offered most of those features but also a number of additional, useful features not included in LegalRuler.

To help our customer, I decided to write a blog about the features provided by Agile CRM for law practice management, and here it goes!

1. Significant InTake Conversion through Automation

You can significantly increase your law firm’s lead conversion rates and optimize the intake process with information provided by social widgets like LinkedIn, Email Finder, and FullContact.

Let us take a look at a few highlights:

  • LinkedIn In Contact View will automatically find your CRM contacts in LinkedIn and can sync those LinkedIn details back into the Agile CRM.
  • Based on information like the contact name and company website URL, Email Finder will automatically find the business email of that contact
  • Full Contact and Klout provide a score and other contact details like address, websites, etc.

 2. Generate more leads with automated emails & SMS

Marketing Automation is a proven and time-tested workhorse of Agile CRM, which helps law firms to be competitive in the online market.

Highlights include:

3. Start call tracking and maximizing call-in leads

Continuous engagement with leads is the key to success. Every incoming and outgoing call is tracked and recorded through automation for any future reference and audit trail.

Highlights of call processing include:

  • Automatic search for contacts based on the telephone number. The call log is shown for the existing contact.
  • For a new caller, a new contact record is created so that lead is saved for future nurturing

4. Save time with E-Signature

The end-to-end process of creating a case, preparing drafts and e-signing contract documents, is achieved with the simple three-step approach in Agile CRM:

  • Select a contract template, identify a contact with the case and ensure your eDocument is ready.
  • The emailed document is opened and reviewed by the customer.
  • The client opens the e-document and signs it digitally in a matter of seconds.

Some other additional benefits include:

  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Built-in live chat
  • Landing pages to generate and process leads

Integrate Accounting, Telephony & Social Media Apps – Top 10 Widgets by Agile CRM

Everyone uses email. Most business owners use some type of accounting app. And the majority of sales, support, and marketing executives use telephony and social media apps. Wouldn’t it be nice if these apps could all be used within your CRM? To enable this automation capability, Agile CRM has released many widgets that enable integration with many popular apps. If your application is not on the list, please send us an email at

Here is a list of the top 10 widgets/integrations used by Agile CRM users, in no particular order:

1. Google Apps/G Suite

Agile CRM provides seamless integration with Google Apps (now renamed as G Suite) that include Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Presentation. This integration saves valuable time for sales and marketing professionals.

Some of the features include:

  • Google Contacts: Two-way Google Contacts sync with Agile CRM
  • Google Drive: Link Google Drive and various Google Docs to Agile CRM
  • Google Calendar: Two-way Google Calendar sync with Agile CRM
  • Gmail: Agile CRM offers various tools to integrate with Gmail, such as:
    • Inbox: Organize your Gmail
    • Email Marketing: Automate email campaigns using your Gmail account
    • Email Tracking: Email tracking from Gmail
    • Email Logging: Centralized communication directly in your Agile CRM Contact View
    • Email Tags: Categorize contacts from Gmail
    • Chrome Extension: Sits inside Gmail Inbox and helps you track emails and add contacts automatically.

2. Facebook

Engage with your contacts on Facebook and post directly to their walls within Agile CRM.  You can nurture leads directly, gather social profiles of your customers, and thereby increase your conversion from Facebook using this widget.

3. Twitter

Connect with your contacts on Twitter, schedule tweets and automate social integrations. Using the Twitter Widget, managing your Twitter account from Agile CRM becomes easy. It allows you to create messages and post them in real time or schedule them to be posted in advance.

4. Stripe

Our customers in the eCommerce and SaaS areas increasingly use Stripe as their favorite online payment service. Agile CRM integrates with merchants using Stripe to track their sales and consolidated payments received on a daily basis. The contacts are synced into Agile CRM at regular intervals as well.

5. Twilio

Cloud Telephony integration with Twilio provides complete control and helps businesses to manage the inflow of customer phone calls in a more organized manner. Starting from recording the conversation with your clients directly in Agile CRM, to creating contacts and help desk tickets directly from the call records, Agile CRM does pretty much everything for you including SMS.

6. Skype

Agile CRM integrates with many communication tools and Skype seems to be one of the most popular ones among our users. Agile CRM’s integration with Skype provides quick dialing to a landline, mobile or Skype contacts from within your Agile CRM system, avoiding constantly switching between apps.

7. Xero

Every small business owner needs to use some accounting software. In addition, many of our customers are CPAs and Accounting firms that use Xero for managing their customer books.  Agile CRM integration with Xero includes the syncing of contacts on a daily basis, as well as viewing invoices, payments & receipts all in one place.

8. Zendesk

Agile CRM has an integrated ticketing and support system but our platform is open to working with all third-party apps. Zendesk is one such app that is very popular among our users and so Agile CRM integrates with Zendesk in a transparent way. With this integration, you can view and manage support tickets within Agile CRM and access contact information in Zendesk next to each ticket. In addition, you can add notes, tags and use it to trigger campaigns automatically.

9. LinkedIn

Agile CRM’s integration with LinkedIn was very popular among its users until LinkedIn changed its policy and restricted it to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Now that this platform is open again, we have relaunched the Agile CRM integration with LinkedIn.  With this integration, you can find a contact, email, company, and other information about your prospects which are then synced into Agile CRM.

10. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is another popular accounting solution in use by many of our customers. Agile CRM integration with Quickbooks syncs contacts regularly and helps in creating invoices, viewing payments and the invoice history of your customers all in one place.


We continue to add new features and integration with new applications and added automation. If your popular application is not yet available, let us know and we will add it to our list of new integrations to work on. Send us an email to

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