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It’s not every day that you stumble across a CRM with a complete marketing automation toolbox. We’re dedicated to helping you engage more customers and capture more leads. How do we do it? We make the latest automation technology accessible to businesses of every size. Simple as that. The new Getting Started guides are designed to help you blast off as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our customers are saying that Agile’s marketing automation features are “awesome,” “impressive” and “better than any other system I’ve worked with.” They are excited to report that the “simple interface” can produce such “complex” and “powerful” campaigns.  So we must be doing something right.

But we aren’t content to rest on our laurels. We want to make sure that every single user gets the most out of Agile CRM, whether you’re focused on complex, responsive, multi-channel campaigns or you want to start with just a basic email newsletter and see where it takes you. That’s where the new Getting Started Guide to Marketing Automation in Agile CRM comes in.

Whether you’re just joining us or you’ve been here since the beginning, we recommend going through the guide and getting back to basics. As with the Getting Started Guide to Sales Enablement, there’s always something new to learn.

Video Guide to Marketing Features

There are a ton of marketing features packed into this quick on-boarding video. It’s a great complement to the new support pages. The video is also available by clicking the academic cap (“Help”) icon on your main Agile Dashboard.

Getting Started Guide – Marketing Automation

Most of the new Getting Started Guide focuses on automated campaigns — how to build them, customize them, activate them and improve them. But we also go over social media and web rules. There’s a lot to learn!

  • Building Campaigns – Learn how to create your first marketing automation campaign, then build automated campaigns for every step in the customer life cycle.
  • Newsletter Campaigns – Create a newsletter campaign to send custom email newsletters to your contacts. Learn how to choose, modify and save email templates.
  • Campaign Nodes – Marketing automation campaigns are built out of campaign nodes, but what do all those nodes do? Learn what each node does and how to use it.
  • Adding Contacts to Campaigns – Campaigns are useless without contacts! Learn how to add contacts to campaigns manually and with automated campaign triggers. Add multiple contacts to campaigns using bulk actions.
  • Managing Unsubscriptions – Learn how to add unsubscribe links to your emails and decide what happens when customers click on those links.
  • Social Suite – Get started with Agile’s built-in tool for managing your business presence and customer interactions on Twitter.
  • Web Rules – Web Rules let you automatically respond to web visitor behavior. They sound super-tricky but they’re actually really straightforward! Learn how to automatically show popups and web forms, change lead scores, trigger targeted campaigns, and more.

We hope you find these new support pages both informative and inspiring. Your success is our success.

You might notice that a lot of the features highlighted in the new quickstart guide revolve around our philosophy of marketing automation as customer service. Let’s make 2016 the year of the customized customer journey that just happens to be automated. And let’s do it together.

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