Deduping Your CRM Contacts with Dedupely

Dedupely Integration

So many contacts, so much time! That’s not usually how the saying goes (“So much work, so little time” is a bit more common), but at Agile CRM we’re anything but ordinary. Our app makes sales and marketing easier and more effective.

Dedupely shares our dedication to clarity in the sales process. We’re happy to announce that Dedupely has built a seamless integration with Agile. With the integration, their app makes it easy to eliminate duplicate contacts and clean up contact data.

Contact Management in Agile CRM

Smarter Contact Management

Importing, exporting, merging, data deduplication. Without the right tools, just understanding what needs to be done to sort through your data can take up all of your time, let alone actually undertaking those complex technical tasks. But when you do have the right tools, sales and marketing work like a well-oiled machine. That way, you can spend time actually connecting with your customers.

With a drag-and-drop visual interface and features that span across, sales, marketing, web and social, Agile CRM simplifies the contact management process. Perhaps the greatest benefit of using one app for sales and marketing is the holistic view you get of contacts, leads and customers. Complete contact views are at the center of our 5 Core Benefits infographic, and once you get started with contact management in Agile, they’ll be at the center of your sales process, too.

(If you’re new to Agile, start with this setup guide to contact management).

How to Dedupe Contacts

To start deduping your CRM contacts, you’ll need an Agile account and a Dedupely account. Then just follow the instructions on Dedupely’s guide to de-duplicating and cleansing contacts. Duplicates are matched based on a combination of fields, including emails, social profiles, addresses, phone numbers and contact names. By merging duplicate contacts, Dedupely helps to ensure that your sales and marketing reps always have the full contact data in one place.

Dedupely also recently launched a Junk Contacts feature, which we think is super-useful. It automatically finds contacts that are “virtually worthless or low value,” such as those with only no-reply email addresses. Try it out and let us know your thoughts here in the comments section.

Note: Dedupely currently only works for deduping Contacts, not Companies, in Agile CRM. However, they tell us that they are working on a Companies feature too!

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Lewis Yildirimturk

about 7 years ago

Contact management is a basic and most important feature of a CRM. . Most other CRMs have their own internal bulk and individual contact dedupe feature. Why we have to pay another at least $29/mo. just to dedupe contacts and have to use another app to use? can't you just have this feature internally like other CRMs? wouldn't it be good customer service to offer this to your clients intead of forcing them to use another app? Thanks


Radhika Roy

about 7 years ago

Hi Lewis, thanks for writing in. Deduplication is possible in many CRMs but only for a limited number of contacts. For bulk deduplication, majority of the available CRMs have external apps integrated within, for the purpose. For any support queries, please write in to


Lewis Yildirimturk

about 7 years ago

Radhika, we are using Ontraport and Infusionsoft for some of our clients and they both have bulk contact dedupe features. see screenshot at


Clinton Skakun

about 7 years ago

Deduping is quite a large feature for most cloud CRMs to integrate. As some CRMs do have bulk deduping operations implemented natively, it's still quite a large task for dev teams and often times is one of those features that squeeze time away from the core vision. Aside from that, free bulk deduplication for most CRMs without limits can be a huge technical liability. It takes more than a small number of servers to handle the amount of shear data and processing power required. We charge the $29/mo to businesses that are more serious about solving their deduplication issues. This is not to say that smaller teams can't benefit from it. However one man teams and businesses that don't have a big need for CRM may not always be able to return an investment if it's not a core pillar of their business. Our vision is to bring what most enterprise software accomplishes to smaller and mid-size businesses that rely heavily on their CRM. We're targeting businesses that can save thousands of dollars from a $29 investment in cleaner data. For those who want to stick with free software, existing CRMs with bulk deduplication features are availible. We just feel there are too many companies suffering from bad data (and loosing money from it) who also want to use their favorite CRM. Or, a CRM that fits them in every aspect except for the deduplication issue. What we're doing with Dedupely goes past just finding duplicates. Next up we're implementing some cleansing and validation features and identifying low quality contacts imported from emails. We're also pushing to release a feature to spot inactive emails and remove as much low quality junk from the CRM as possible. This is only a small peak into of what we have planned. As a 3rd party integration Dedupely does a lot of heavy lifting for CRMs and allows us to specialize in increasing the value of the data businesses rely on. Agile CRM is one of the earlier integrations we're working on now. In the future, we'll integrate with every notable CRM on the market. Not as just a dedupe add-on but rather a powerful platform that integrates with your CRM turning your contact data into gold. We feel that every CRM has this issue to some extent and altough it's no easy task, we've fallen in love with solving this problem. Got a little long winded ;) Just a bit of our product vision for a very unattended to corner of the market. Best, Clinton Skakun



about 6 years ago

Thank you for sharing

Robert Grossman

about 7 years ago

Dedupely is not taking any new subscribers. They say they have a big announcement and to hold tight. Ugh.


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