Auto Dialer for Call Campaigns

Tired of sorting through contact numbers and wasting time with call logistics when you’d rather be actually talking to your prospects? Let Agile CRM automatically dial them for you. Or filter contacts by a particular tag and then have them pop up one-by-one as you call them manually, right in your Agile dashboard.

And that’s just the beginning of what our new and improved Auto Dialer can do.

Auto Dialer in Agile CRM

Automated calling with the Auto Dialer

Agile CRM’s auto dialer software is built into the app so that you can automate calling in a way that suits your sales process, with complete contact data available before, during and after calls. It’s so easy to use and such a boon to productivity that you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

In a nutshell, here’s how it works:

  1. Pick contacts: Select any number of contacts in the CRM using any of our search functions or filters. For example, you might want to choose all contacts above a particular lead score, who have a free account with your company but haven’t yet signed up for a paid account.
  2. Autodial them sequentially: Run a call campaign on those contacts by automatically or manually dialing them in order, right from your Agile dashboard. No need to enter a single digit from a telephone number; the auto dialer will cycle through the contact numbers automatically, with whatever wrapup time (gap between calls) you’d like.

How to run a successful call campaign

Our auto dialer isn’t stand-alone software. It’s automatically integrated with all of the sales and marketing automation in the Agile app. As a core part of our telephony feature set, auto-dialing is as much about what happens during and after a call, as it is about automating the calls themselves.

New and enhanced features for successful call campaigns:

  • Tags: In aditional to call notes, add tags to contacts before, during or after calls to segment them by interest or business type. Run marketing automation campaigns on contacts with a particular tag.
  • Logs and Recording: Agile automatically logs every call made or received in the CRM and adds them to contact timelines. Go even further with call recording and playback, directly in the CRM.
  • Reports and Analytics: Improve your sales and marketing with call analytics, including reports on calls by user, call duration and call outcomes.

If you’re looking for a power dialer that does it all, you’ve come to the right place. Let us handle the logistics so you can get back to business.

Agile CRM’s auto dialer software is built into the app, but please note that it currently only works with Twilio integration in the CRM. Ready to take your sales calls to the next level? Do it automatically with Twilio and Agile CRM.

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Ari Messer

Ari Messer is a senior product marketing consultant and content strategist. He has over a decade of experience helpings startups and enterprise clients to exceed their goals for customer growth, engagement and retention.


Andre van der Merwe

about 2 years ago

When will it be ready for other services besides Twilio? Also, PLEASE have the feature to allow you to use your mobile phone's service plan. I have an unlimited outbound calling plan that would be awesome if I could use for the outbound and inbound call handling. At the moment my setup is using Samsung SideSync and the Ultimate Power Dialer Android app and it works well, but having it built into AgileCRM would be even better. Thank you.


Shreyansh Surana

about 2 years ago

Hi Andre, We are working with other integrations and you will see new ones coming on-board in couple of months. Do you have any specific service in mind?


JOhn Miller

about 2 years ago

Plivo integration - better than Twilio



about 11 months ago

I have read this blog, it tells about how auto dailer is using for the ad campaigns. really its a useful information.


Saketh Rasakatla

about 10 months ago

Hey Prasanth, we are glad that you liked our blog. :) Keep following us on social media too for more such content.



about 2 months ago

I have read this blog, it tells about how auto dailer is using for the ad campaigns. really its a useful information.


Gabriel Swain

about 2 months ago

Thanks for the positive feedback! Cheers :-)


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