Introduction to Virtual PBX and How to Choose the Best Virtual PBX for Business

Introduction to Virtual PBX and How to Choose the Best Virtual PBX for Business

To deal with customer communication’s everyday struggles, businesses look for systems that are more advanced and efficient in dealing with customer-related communication. No doubt, the PBX system always caters to these needs. However, with the businesses expanding and reaching the boundaries, exploring global markets, it becomes more difficult to deal with that day-to-day communication ensuring the performance and productivity of the call center. 

Nevertheless, PBX service providers are trying to ease these challenges with the more advanced virtual PBX systems. If you are still new to the cloud-based PBX system, then let’s walk you through the details, along with benefits and which PBX software can work best for your business. 

What is Virtual PBX?

In simple terms, the PBX system means an integrated business phone system that helps organizations to communicate internally and externally as well. It is also a way to connect with customers and communicate along with providing customer service. PBX – Private Branch Exchange basically uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to enable inbound and outbound call flows.

And, when it comes to Virtual PBX software, it is a complete set of service packages offered by vendors to businesses to help them move all their business communication to the cloud.

A virtual PBX system is enriched with numerous important features that are highly beneficial for businesses to deliver outstanding customer service along with enhancing customer satisfaction.

Among the various PBX software packages, PBXPlus is one of the most popular and efficient systems. Embedded with new-age features and advanced functionalities, PBXPlus is powered with cutting-edge technology and empowers customer service centers abundantly.

To make this easier to digest, PBX systems are of two types – On-Premises and Virtual PBX. According to the needs of your business, you can choose, but first, let’s find out the difference between the two.

What are the Best Features Offered by Virtual PBX Phone Systems?

A plethora of features in a cloud-based business phone system is highly beneficial in assisting your team along with improving their performance. 

So, let’s go through some of the major features of the Virtual PBX system.

IVR System

An advanced IVR system assists your team to handle customer queries efficiently. You can easily design custom flows to drive actions selected by your customers. 

Call Forwarding

Brings in the benefit of automation as you can automate call forwarding to the right agents saving both company and customer time. This also builds long-lasting customer relationships. 

Custom Call Flows

The customization feature of virtual PBX enables you to easily customize all your call flows whether you want to filter out calls during or out of business hours. It helps you map all the call flows easily. 

Virtual Phone Numbers

One of the most useful and widely used features of a cloud-based PBX system is virtual phone numbers. You can add new phone numbers without any restrictions as well as if you are looking to retain your existing numbers, then you can easily port them on the new extensions without the need to change the call flow. 

Business Voicemails

Play business voicemails without any hassles to welcome your customers when they reach out. Simultaneously, it also helps improve your customer engagement and experience. 

With this wide range of features, virtual PBX phone systems usually empower businesses to resolve customer queries in no time. Finally, they are all designed to reduce costs, automate processes, and boost your business.

Apparently, these features along with effective functionalities garner huge benefits for your business. 

Key Benefits of Virtual PBX Phone Systems

So, let’s check on the benefits that you gain with the implementation of a web-based PBX phone system. 

Ease of Picking Any Number

With a virtual PBX phone system, you can easily choose the local number or toll-free number. Surprisingly, you can even port your already existing phone such that you don’t have to invest in new numbers. Moreover, this number will be good for calling, receiving calls, voicemails, and faxes for your entire organization. 

Call from Anywhere

Get calls from anywhere and always enable your agents to call from anywhere. 

Virtual Office

Virtual PBX provides you the benefit of a virtual office as it consists of all the components to manage a virtual office. No matter, where your employees are located, they can always connect to the office or take a customer call. Moreover, these extensions are limitless as you can add as much as you want. 


With a virtual phone system, you don’t have to worry about investing in setting up and deploying the complete phone system. Hence, you save a good amount of bucks. 


Compared to the traditional PBX system, Virtual PBX can be installed within hours. Whereas traditional PBX requires a few weeks to be deployed and fully operational. On the other hand, the cloud-based PBX gets ready in a few hours, which is much of a time-saving. 


With the changing business scenarios and technological updates, your PBX system also needs to be upgraded and scaled to meet the requirements. This is usually not plausible with the traditional ones. But, virtual ones are quite robust and scalable that are able to meet the changing needs of your business. 

Real-Time Monitoring

A virtual calling system helps you monitor all the calls and helps you make data-driven decisions. You can not only monitor in real-time but also analyze data to improve performance. 

Understanding the bundle of features and benefits, it becomes easier to select a virtual PBX phone system for your business.

How to Choose the Right Virtual PBX Provider?

With the growing businesses and a lot more than before transmitting to a digital platform, more of them are looking for advanced PBX systems. If you are one of them looking for virtual PBX but confused about which one to choose. Or. if you already have traditional PBX software and want or switch to a virtual PBX system, then here is your take. 

The market is already loaded with an array of virtual PBX software for varied businesses. But, it all depends on your business requirements. You can always choose based on the size, type, and business domain as well as the industry you cater to. With these criteria, you can look for the features in the software that can cater to these requirements. And, if you are still confused, then PBXPlus can be your best bet. 

Virtual PBXPlus software is one such software that can be helpful for any type of business. As it comes with an extensive collection of advanced features and functionalities, you can implement it for your business. Moreover, when it comes to pricing, it is a lot more affordable compared to the other available options in the market.


For any business, the PBX system is an inevitable part of the company, dealing with all the customer communications. Moreover, with growing customer awareness and communication with the organizations, PBX is getting more popular, particularly adorned with advanced features. Whether it is call forwarding, call flow automaton, business voicemails, customer call monitoring, and others, these features allow dealing with customer-related communication more effectively enhancing the customer experience. Moreover, virtual PBX systems are not only useful for giant organizations but also highly beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses. 

So, rather than sticking to that old system, get your business an advanced virtual PBXPlus software for more effective customer communication leading to greater customer satisfaction and increased customer retention rate.


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