Live Chat – Resolve Customer Queries with Delight

Live Chat – Resolve Customer Queries with Delight

Generating Leads and Helping your Customers has gone through a major makeover with advanced technology making things more convenient for businesses and customers.  A survey carried out in 2016 says 63% of the customers said that they’d more likely return to a website with live chat than one without. Integrating live chat is not only a means to communicate with your customers efficiently but it also helps you to remember them with detailed contact and interaction details. These days many CRMs are offering live chat integration. Agile CRM also offers live chat integration for your businesses so that you can efficiently support your existing and potential customers.

Live chat integration helps you to capture website visitors’ details the moment you receive a chat from them. The details include the person’s name, email address, chat details and IP location as well.

Benefits of using Live Chat

  • Customer contact information: It helps you to define the identity of your web visitors. You can recognize them the next time they come back to your website and can follow-up with ease. This allows you to support your customers more accurately. More precise the customer support more is the customer satisfaction.
  • Improved work efficiency: Live chat integration helps you or your agents work more efficiently. Since all information about the customer, be it chat transcripts to purchase history, is in one place, less time is spent looking for information in different platforms. The customer support becomes seamless when you use CRM like Agile CRM that allows you to save contact details to archived chat transcripts.
  • Sell more with live chat: As the details of your visitors are captured in the CRM, you can use the data to segment the leads and run customized campaigns which can help you earn conversions. If you use Agile CRM, you can make most of the telephony integration and make calls to your potential leads directly from the CRM itself.
  • More Interactive: A live chat will always make you more interactive with your customers over emails. Also, it helps you resolve customer queries instantly that increases customer satisfaction.

Live chat is an effective means to generate more leads and it is great to implement CRM systems like Agile CRM that offer live chat integration in your business. It helps you in saving lot of time that mostly goes into manually collecting and updating the data of your web visitors. It improves efficiency of your team and allows you to be more productive with less resource. Sign up for Agile CRM today and offer your customers the best support.

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about 7 years ago

Having live chat in the website is very much benefited to the website owners for any business can get direct customers.


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