Why Sales Engagement is Imperative for Your Business?

Why Sales Engagement is Imperative for Your Business?

The sales department and the people who are in it are key elements in the success (or lack thereof) of any business.

Even though the way small companies approach their marketing, customer acquisition, customer care and sales process has evolved quite a lot in the last couple of decades, a simple truth has remains unchanged: more sales is always a good thing.

Since sales has always gotten a lot of focus from all companies as revenue matters for success, it is only natural that there is constant change and improvement in the process of selling. This often leads to the creation and spreading of buzzwords and fancy terms that over complicate simple concepts and don’t add any value to a business.

However amidst all the noise that a new trend creates around it, some ideas truly bring in a transformative change along-with them – and Sales Engagement is a great example of this.

Why is Sales Engagement important for a business?

So, why is using a Sales Engagement platform a good idea for any business?

Even in a mid sized company where sales and marketing specialists may share the same room, the marketing-sales conversion process is leaky and often times ineffective. According to various studies, sales departments never use about 60% of the content created by their marketing people – and this happens consistently across all company sizes with varying market caps.

This sometimes brings some negative ramifications. In business-to-business companies for instance, since sales people prefer to create and use their own content instead of that which is created by the marketing department, it comes across as an off-message and is usually not connected to the brand.

Now, most small businesses have increasingly been discovering how it’s possible for them to use the same tools as big corporations do – and that’s why CRM and marketing automation are quickly becoming ubiquitous in small companies. Yet, a lot of CRM solutions still don’t integrate a Sales Engagement platform. At Agile, we prefer to give our customers an edge: Agile CRM integrates a powerful and straightforward engagement tool.

With Agile, your sales department will have all the relevant content they need to pitch prospects at their fingertips – and this will translate into a higher conversion rate no matter how small your business may be. Better sales engagement generates higher sales is a pretty straightforward correlation that all of us can make.

If you are ready to take your small business to the next level with Agile CRM, go ahead and sign up here book a call with one of our people to try a live demo.

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Rohit Munipally

Rohit Munipally

Rohit brings in about 15 years of Digital marketing experience and he has been an advisor to software start-ups in the Mobile and SaaS areas. Before getting into startups, Rohit has worked in various marketing, and product management roles at Unisys, Dell, and IBM. Specialties: Digital Marketing, Building, and Growing companies, Marketing, Business Development, M&A

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